antique sofa makeover

I'm doin' some sprucing up around these parts, a little spring cleaning if you will, and I decided It was time to lighten and brighten my family room. I started decorating my home five years ago with lots of chocolate browns, tans and very little color. But my new years resolution was to stop being afraid of color and I'm makin' good. I will admit you'll find color in places like throw pillows and accessories, but it's still color right?

Jilly found this antique reproduction on CL for $80 and bequeathed it to me after her last move. I found the perfect spot for it in my family room and I LOVE it there. While hanging out at my place one afternoon, Jilly suggested I paint the wood dirty white. It was a good as done.

My {Club Project} day was just around the corner so I added this task to the list. Here's the beauty all taped up and ready to paint. Even though I'm pretty visual, I still get butterflies right before the first brush stroke.
Here goes.....

A little sneak preview.....ooooooooh ya!

I love it even more then I thought I would!

My neighbor (who happens to be of the male persuasion) thinks painting wood might be as offensive as breaking all 10 commandments. Men.

What do you think?


  1. Your couch looks happy and fulfilled! I bet she always wanted to be freshened up with a coat of white so you just made her day!

  2. Love it!
    Your neighbor would be highly offended to know that I'm contemplating painting ALL of the wood trim in my house. Of course I haven't had the guts to tell hubby yet either...

  3. I had just convinced myself that I needed to STOP constantly prowling CL and that I really didn't NEED a "new-but old" couch (also looking for two amazing-shaped chairs). Well, your beautiful couch just unconvinced me...love it!

  4. White is bright and happy...LURVE IT so much! I found a similar couch at an estate sale and let my friend buy it...the worst decision I ever made...I long for that thing on a daily basis...will I ever find another for $99? Doubt it. Great work!

  5. Oh dang Sarah! well I guess if that's the WORST decision you ever made, I'd say you've got a good thing goin'.....right?

    Thanks girls for all your lovely comments. We love feedback as much as we love a smokin' deal!


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