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150 dollar family room makeover

I decided our family room rug needed an update about 10 months ago which pushed over the first domino.

Remember {this}

After I figured out the rug dilemma, I decided the room needed a few more changes.  I wanted to work in some grays and I wanted to make the room feel lighter, brighter, and bigger.

Unfortunately I did not have the same budget I had the first go around so it was time to do what I do best.  Feed the kids Ramen Noodles for 2 months and stash the extra grocery money.

It did cross my mind.


Old rug- Sold on CL for $300.00.
New rug-  Remember the 10x13 from IKEA I made out of two Tarnby rugs for $300.00 {here}?

I layered the jute with an authentic cow hide, a gift from my friend {Blake} after helping him and Angela with their nuptials.

My boys are still in mourning over the old rug.  I know what it's like to have no closure but I still think I did the right thing.

We've had the rug for almost a year and it still looks amazing!  I've had to glue down a few loose ends and it still sheds a little, but it's the nature of the fiber and I'd purchase it again in a nano second.

This make over also included a chair up date.  I used the reverse side of a linen like, zebra print I found on clearance for $4.00/yd (SAS) and had it re-upholstered for $90.00

Tufted chair BEFORE

I found these pieces of tin at a flea market about 8 years ago and had them welded together to fit a mirror.  I finally decided I needed something a little less busy and distressed so I sold it to my good friend Cara for $75

and replaced it with the Songe mirror from IKEA for $99.00.  It's beveled with a 4 inch, matte, silver frame and I love the arched top.


I sold our existing chandelier for $50 and bought a new one at {Stardust} in Tempe for $65.  If you're a local girl, this place is hit and miss but it's a must if you don't mind gettin' dirty for a good deal.

I also updated all the window treatments.  I sold our old ones for more than I bought fabric and rods for the new ones.  The no-sew shades were painstakingly made on my kitchen island.  When you have to make the same window treatment times six, it becomes a totally worth it, chore.  I found the fabric at SAS (Tempe AZ) for three dollars a yard and taped two and a quarter inch, pewter, ribbon on the outside edges. 

My dear friend Cindy Bluth (who happens to own a work room) helped me sew the new vertical striped, off white woven, panels.  I lined them in solid gray polyester, also purchased at SAS for three dollars a yard. 

Howard, down at our local welding shop, made the custom rods and rings. We hung them just below the crown molding to give the illusion that the windows appear much taller than they really are.  

So here's the reveal after I changed 5 things in our family room.


Total cost of makeover- $150.00

rug- traded straight across
window treatments including rods - traded straight across (actually made a few bucks)
reupholstered chair- $110.00
new mirror- $25.00
new chandelier- $15.00

Are you in the process of a room makeover?  Don't forget to look at my six design tips to optimize  success {here}.

And here's the 7th tip.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE neutrals but sometimes when creams, tans, and grays take over, your room can become predictable and a bit boring.  If you want to add depth and character, your bff is TEXTURE.  To create lots of interest in my family room I used several different materials including velvet, wood, chrome, marble, burlap, knit, glass, and jute.  These elements all work together to create an original and comfortable space for my family and our friends.


my new library

I have a little office niche right off my family room that is really functional for our family. It's a great spot to work on the computer, do homework, and pay bills. I've loved having this book case to house volumes of reading material and accessories, but it has no storage, you know, no where to hide my junk. Plus, the wood is so dark and I've been lightening things up a bit in my house. I've been loving the changes so much that it's inspired me to re-do my whole house in all shades of white.
Just kiddin' honey.

The other day I was meandering around the house when I looked upstairs at the library unit located in my mans office. I bought it for him when we moved into our home almost 6 years ago but sadly, he has never attached himself to it quite like I have....

I just adore that man but he can be stubborn when he wants to, and you know it's hard to talk someone into aesthetics over function in an office. Enter the perfect bring his office unit down stairs and put it in our computer niche. I told my man about the idea and he gladly called over the first available neighbor to haul it down the stairs....with only a few tiny scratches on my wall (ya right).

We set it in the back yard on the lawn and I was so excited about painting it, I forgot to take "before" pics (waaaahhhhh), so please visualize the piece in a dismal, distressed black. Thanks.

I bribed my man to get out the paint sprayer and we sprayed one coat of primer with
Glidden Gripper (found at the Home Depot) and two coats of Valspar Cincinnatian Hotel Hannaford (Lowes).

Then the ladies of {Club Project} rubbed the whole thing down with light gray paint from the "oops" section at Home Depot, and highlighted the wood details with Ralph Lauren tobacco glaze.
I think we all were pretty excited about the way it turned out.

It's now the perfect piece to house my books, plus my camera, battery chargers, cardstock, my paint deck, tape measure and many other misc treasures.

This is where my man and I spend a lot of time sitting across from each other, fondly gazing into one another's eyes, working on our laptops together, until he checks the daily bank statement and I've got some serious explaining to do.

The desk was an old, chippy, door made into a table by some fine folks in Mexico. How clever.

What have you re-purposed in your home lately?
We'd LOVE to hear all about it!

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