Acorn Tutorial

Cuddling up in bed with my latest Better Homes and Gardens magazine has always been a guilty pleasure of mine.  I came upon this great idea one night last week just before I slipped into dreamland.  Adorable velvet acorns, made by this equally adorable man named Sweet Paul.  I haven't had a lot of down time this week, but I can't wait to check his {blog} out this weekend.

The next morning, I was on it!  We don't have acorns around here, but I got on {Etsy} and ordered some caps from Kristy in Indiana.  She sent them out that day and I had them by Saturday.  Her prices are fantastic ($3.50 for 50), and she has 200 left, so you better get on it as well!  This is a fun project to do when you are waiting up until midnight for your teenage daughter and can only fantasize about the day when you will get to go to bed at a decent hour on a weekend ever again. Seriously.

Unfortunately for me, there was no velvet to be found in my stash at such an hour, so I used what I had on hand.  Some silk and satin in a few different shades of blue.  This project is so easy and cute!  I had a dozen completed within the hour.

Start by cutting circles from your fabrics of choice.  I used sophisticated things like drinking glasses and plastic cups for my patterns.  The reason I used two sizes is because some of the acorn caps were big, and some were smaller, and I wanted to use them all.

After cutting your circles, hand stitch a  basting stitch around the perimeter and set a cotton ball inside.  I used two cotton balls piled on top of each other for my bigger circles.

Pull your thread tight and take a couple stitches to close the opening.

The final step is to pick the perfect cap for your little acorn and marry them with a little hot glue.

I placed mine on my antique buffet, scattered among my otherwise monochromatic fall decor, for a little  pop of color.

I think a dozen of them would make the perfect Thanksgiving hostess gift, don't you?

We are celebrating at our home this year, and planning on around 30 people.  Being surrounded by wonderful friends and family will make Thanksgiving really special.  I am already dreaming of Mommy's homemade noodles, bathed in gravy and ladled over my mashed potatoes, Mia's {portobello stuffing}, and warm {apple pie} with fresh cream.

I hope each of you have a glorious holiday, filled with memories that will last a lifetime.

You still have time to enter our {giveaway}.  Mia and I will choose the winner Thanksgiving Day!


  1. I also wanted to try these after seeing them in BHG. Yours turned out super cute, especially with the velvet pumpkins!

  2. I thought these were so cute when I saw them in the magazine too! Yours turned out lovely!


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