a winner and thanksgiving re-cap

Jilly and I stuffed ourselves silly yesterday and between the turkey and the pie, we took a moment to pick the winner of our November giveaway.

Congratulations #128 Jamie Andersen!!!

Please contact us at meandjilly@gmail.com so we can have your custom address sign done in time for Christmas.  Guess you can't say you never win any more sistah!

Here are some highlights of our Thanksgiving day at Jilly's.  The food was unbelievable, the weather was overcast (it sprinkled for about 10 seconds), and the company was delightful.  This year we had some of Jilly's family and some of mine for dinner.  The children were well behaved (we only had one shiner), and the men did the dishes.  Ya, it was pretty perfect.  


For all you brave and crazy black Friday shoppers out there, I need a new desktop computer if you wouldn't mind grabbing me one.  I've been blogging from a laptop for the last year and well, I SNAPPED!  I'm getting a new computer today if it's the last thing I do.  On line, of course.

Now on to the rest of my Christmas list.  You better watch out!

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  1. Yahoo! I am so excited, emailing you right now. I had to reread it a few times. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


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