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Today we announce the winner of this autographed copy of "Pioneer Woman Cooks" by the extraordinarily talented Ree Drummond.   

                                      Congratulations to Random.org comment #24, Melissa!

Please contact us at meandjilly@gmail.com so we can send you this treasure.  And as always, we'd love to pop over and try one of her creations from your kitchen!

Like the Pioneer Woman, my kitchen is always buzzing with food , friends, and family.  I served this summery dish to the ladies of {Club Project} a few weeks ago and it was a delish!  The meatballs are Pinterest inspired, the Asian slaw is my own creation.  My three boys got a hold of the leftovers and polished them off with no reservations. 

Click {here} for the printable Meatball recipe
Click {here} for the printable Asian Slaw recipe.

I whipped up these completely healthy and easy pops for dessert.  They're my new favorite, guiltless pleasure.

Pina Colada Dream Pops

2 ripe bananas, smashed
1 can coconut milk
1 can crushed pineapple including the juice
1 tsp vanilla extract
3/4 C unsweetened coconut
agave or honey to taste
Blend together in a bowl and spoon into popsicle molds or plastic cups.  Insert wood sticks and freeze 4 hours.

Besides her scrumptious recipes, my favorite thing about Ree are the actions she's designed for Photoshop Elements.  She has created all different ones from sharpening pictures and enhancing eyes, to giving a photo that old, vintage look.  Here are a few examples of what you can do at the click of a finger. 


PW Black and White

PW Colorized

PW Sepia Tone

                                                                          PW Seventies
(Photo by the talented Ashley Whiting)

Go {here} to download her action files.  I like both sets one and two and use them almost every day.  I must give you a small warning....it is somewhat of a process, but totally worth it.  If you need a guided tutorial, Texas Chicks have done a great one {here}.  Scroll down to the "Videos" section and she'll walk you through step by step.  You can also look at the "Written Tutorials" section if you need further help.  I have a PC but it looks like the they have detailed instructions for Mac as well. 

Have a fabulous weekend!  My man is taking me camping for Mother's Day and I couldn't be more excited.  He's doing all the packing and cooking while I take in some fresh mountain air and do some much needed relaxing.  I hope I come back.


  1. This did not work for me. I tried to follow both the video and the written instructions and never did get the PW actions installed in PSE 10.

  2. Okay, I just read that Melissa was the winner and was soo excited because I never win anything and then realized that another Melissa was who you were referring to. Dang it!! I hope the other Melissa loves the cookbook!

  3. Eeeeeek! I just now saw this! THank you! I emailed you just now :)


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