thank you teachers!

My boys have two days of school left until summer break!  Yaaahhhhooooo!  Although I've loved every minute of waking up at 5:45 to get #1 off to zero hour (stupid idea) and then waiting a full hour and forty minutes to send off #2, I'm OVER it.  I'm over our 20 minute morning game of 'shoe-hide and-seek', finding day old spaghetti in the Nino's thermos, and I'm over giving pre-tests for words  I don't even know how to spell. 

Here's the reality.  I wish I was organized enough and smart enough to teach my children everything they need to know.  But I'm not.  So I'll continue sending them into the wide world to learn from brave people who really know what they're talking about.

Luckily this year #2 had an amazing teacher.  He had her for first grade too and I almost considered holding him back so he could have her again for 'third'.  She's like a little piece of fairy Godmother heaven and the second graders think she's Santa's angel.  I've been in her classroom almost every Wednesday for the past two years and not once have I seen her raise her voice, get flustered, loose her cool, or her smile.  She's amazing.

One thing I realize is that raising children takes a village.  It's a partnership. Joint custody if you will.  The nino has a special speech teacher and a special reading teacher too. I've come to realize that  extraordinary teachers can move mountains. 

It's for this reason I needed to make a few "thank-you's" for the people that made their mark this year.  Something simple but something to let them know how much I appreciate them.

I was reading {The Vintage Mother } and found the cutest teacher appreciation idea.  So I headed straight to my local World Market, found these Italian Sodas, and paired them with my favorite praline chocolate and a thank you note.

I made a quick tag with Photoshop. Click {here} to download.

I even made one for our Principal, and the three ladies that run the front office.  They know everyone, their grandparents, and their dogs by name, and they run the school like a well primed paint sprayer.

I just got home from Nino's last 2nd grade assembly where he accepted the award for student of the month and sit and reach school champion!  Who knew the kid was so stretchy?  

It's not too late to send a quick thank you to the people who make your kids better.

Happy Summer from one mother to another!


  1. What a funny post! Happy summer from one mother to another! I am (soda) glad you and Jilly are here!

  2. YOU WHO!!!!!! Mia, Jilly!!!
    Guess who's as happy as a bird with a French fry? Yup me!!!!!
    I got home yesterday and saw a package on my porch and it was my
    prize from you two fabulous girls! I was so excited I almost forgot
    to take pictures, but then I calmed down and got my camera and there will
    be a little blog post coming about how fun it was to win something
    on your blog--- you girls are THE BEST and I want to thank you from the
    bottom of my heart for blessing my day! Thank you so much for the beautiful framed quote and book I can't wait to read,
    HUGS, Beth


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