mother's day winners

Hopefully you are all just out of your bubble baths and tucked away in preparation for the big day tomorrow!  But since we said we would pick the winners tonight, we thought we'd post the results as well.

Lucky girl #1, taking home The Vintage Mother loot is:
#26, 1littlemom.  Congratulations Steph!

Lucky girl #2, adding some new kitchen gear is:
#15, Penelope.  You're going to love it all!

Lucky girl #3, who will be enjoying a great new book is:
#6, Beth, who happens to be one of our biggest fans!  YAY BETH!

Lucky girl #4, winner of the tags and trimmings is:
#13, Teri. You will be blessing our names the next time you wrap a gift!

To claim your prizes, please email your addresses to us at meandjilly@gmail.com. 

Hope you all have a blessed day tomorrow.  Thanks for being so wonderful.  It has certainly made our Mother's Day celebration a little sweeter to read through each and every comment.  Virtual hugs from us!

Jilly + Mia  


  1. Thank you! Love your blog and look forward to all the new posts coming.

  2. Mia, Jilly!!!! We were off the grid all weekend and when I just checked my e-
    mail I saw the WONDERFUL news that I was one of your winners---
    my cup runneth over with excitement!
    Thank you so much- can't wait to get my goodies- I don't
    remember ever winning anything before! whoop whoop~
    xo, beth


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