thanksgiving recap

"I'm officially a grown-up!" I exclaimed to my husband as he walked into the kitchen on Thanksgiving morning.  "I've got the whole thing handled, and I did it without my parents here to help!"

Every year, my Mom and Dad come a couple days before the big feast to help me prepare.  Daddy is sweeping off porches, washing windows and setting up tables and chairs, while me and Mommy are inside making pies, homemade noodles and stuffing.  It's really quite glorious, and I have come to look forward to those few days every November.

But not this year...... My grateful parents are off on an adventure in the Philippines, serving an 18 month mission for our {church}.  Also absent was our brother, Nate, who is serving with the US Army Corps of Engineers in Afghanistan.  Although we missed each of them terribly, we still managed to have a beautiful holiday, filled with family, friends, and SO much to be thankful for.

Here is a picture of the cousins that were here for the festivities.  We were missing 5 kids, and my sister will add a little girl in January, bringing our total to 20.  My Jaci is the oldest at almost 18, holding Kenzington, who's the youngest.  She's 2.  I'm so happy that each and every one of them is a part of my family, and that my kids have so many cousins.  This picture is for you, Mom and Dad!

Not having my usual help forced me into being uber organized this year, and I knew I needed to do as much as I could beforehand.  I set the tables up the night before, and decided on a very easy centerpiece that included an old, weathered board from the backyard.  I placed various autumn items all the way down the center, and used the plates that Mia and I found at a consignment store many years ago. 

To avoid confusion, I tagged all the goblets with each guest's name so they could use it all day long with the complete confidence that no one else was using their glass!

Another time saver was making the pie crusts the night before, then wrapping them well and refrigerating them overnight. 

I seriously almost have an anxiety attack when I have to make a pie crust.  I have never become an expert at it, and it stresses me out more than you can imagine.  By some magical coincidence, I ended up alone in my house for a few hours Thanksgiving Eve, and decided it was time to tackle one of my biggest fears.  My mom must have been praying for me half way around the world, because they actually turned out!  Refrigerating them overnight worked well, and in the morning, I poured the pumpkin filling in, (also made the night before) let the pies come to room temperature, then baked them.  Mommy insists on fresh pie for special occasions, not day old pie, so I'm pretty sure I did the right thing.  Served with fresh whipped cream, of course!

I also made my {favorite apple pie}, baked in a brown paper grocery bag.

 Don't like apple pie?  Try this one!  Love apple pie?  Try this one!  I made it the morning of Thanksgiving.  It's that easy, and you'll never taste a better apple pie. Ever.

Here is a shot of me and my man, and I'm including it because it's the only proof that Mia was even here that day.  See her left shoulder and arm? I have no idea how we didn't end up with a picture together.  We usually never miss a chance.....

Oh, and this fun picture that got snapped as Jaci (mine) and Brody (Mia's) were putting together a little something special with a wig and antlers.  Quite festive.

A fun tradition we enjoy is having the kids make gingerbread house creations in between the big meal and dessert.  They have so much fun, and each make something so adorable and different from the next.  Meet Harlee, who is just as sweet as she looks!

I found the cutest {tags} on one of my favorite blogs, {Brooklyn Limestone}.

Stefanie created a set of six, to be downloaded and used for whatever you want.  I decided to use them to pack some leftovers up at the end of the day.  Thanks Stefanie, I love them!

I adore everything about Thanksgiving.  It's one of my favorite holidays and always provides the perfect chance for me to reflect on the myriad of beautiful things I have been blessed with.  An adoring husband, 3 children I call my own, a home that will always be full of projects, plenty of food to make and eat, and a Heavenly Father who is undeniably involved in the details of my life, just to name a few.

I am thankful.


  1. I just love when you include pictures of your holiday events... it inspires me to do more than throw a pre-basted turkey breast and Marie Callender's frozen pie on the table. My big secret this year? My sister-in-law hosted the whole thing and all I had to do was show up! I did manage to ruin Emma's rolls by adding the salt before the flour, which killed the yeast (see why I have a yeast phobia?) but the meal was perfection from start to finish, even with rolls that looked like frisbees.
    As you have proven, it isn't really what is on the table that counts, it is who is around it. You are blessed with both being absolutely beautiful. Well done, girls, Mommy would be proud!

  2. So glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We spent the day trying to finish the house enough to move in the next day. We still have a long way to go, but it's livable (if not completely child-proof!) I'll send pictures when it's not covered in boxes!

  3. Loved each and every detail of your holiday dinner recap. And the idea of tagging everyone's goblets? Priceless!


  4. What a big girl you are! Wait, I don't mean that in the size sense lol I mean that your all grown up! I would be afraid to put a pie in a bag in my oven, too paranoid about fires, but it sure does look yummy. Love the tags and boxes for leftovers, stealing that idea next year!


  5. Your Thanksgiving table-setting looks FANTASTIC!

    Tanya, Australia.


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