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Halloween is less than a week away and yes, we're still facing 95 degree temperatures which makes being out side working on our annual haunted house really weird.

Our first haunted house started at a church party in the back of my husbands landscape trailer.  It evolved from there to the front porch, then took up half of the driveway and this year he's using up the entire driveway including hand built structures covered in black tarp with spider webs, home made guts, and creepy masks, promising to make this the BEST. HAUNTED. HOUSE. EVER.

He's carefully and methodically designing the ghoulish witches room, the haunted cemetery, the mad Dr's office, and the angry "little people" room.  I have to admire his enthusiasm and of course it's all the Nino can talk about. They've both been busy making sketches and working outside together on the structure.

This year Nino has been promised two costumes, a green army man costume for trick-or-treating, and the angry dwarf costume for the haunted house.  He can hardly settle down long enough to close his eye balls and sleep at night.

Since I won't have pictures of this masterpiece before halloween, here's some of our previous Halloween projects to keep you your occupied.
Click on the images to see more.

While I was doing a little pinning over the weekend, I found these 31 amazing and FREE Halloween printables

Halloween Subway Art

Halloween Banners

Halloween Treat Printables

You'll want to go visit the cute Jaimee and Tiffany {here} at Craft Interrupted for all the details.  

And visit Me and Jilly {here} on Pinterest if you want some mind blowing inspiration.

Happy October!


  1. I really enjoy the long weekend vacation,we watched horror movies with my cousins to have some bonding this Halloween day.

  2. Any chance those printables are still available? The website seems to be down.

  3. I'm not able to go to your website it seems to be down. Are the free pintables for Halloween still available?


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