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Hi friends!

It was not cool of us to take a three week break without telling you about it.  Please don't hate us.

Because here we are, back again, with a serious reveal to show you.  We haven't been twiddling our thumbs during our absence, trust us.

When Mandi from {Vintage Revivals} told us the winner of her Epic Room Makeover Giveaway 2012  practically lived in our Arizona backyards and asked us to join her team, we said yes in a nano second!  We spent an entire week shopping, eating, painting, taping, laughing, shopping, eating, creating, drilling, nailing, cutting.  Shopping.  Eating.

We got to meet the adorable Kelsey (the big winner!) and her equally adorable husband and little boy.  We're voting them The Cutest Young Family in America.  From the second we met them, they made us feel so comfortable and welcome in their home.  They truly are wonderful people, and it was a pleasure for us to help them.

We are going to let the pictures speak for themselves, and let you take a look at an epic transformation.

Pretty amazing, right?

Now this room reflects the fun and vibrant young couple who share it.  It is comfortable, cozy, and colorful.  There are so many elements and great ideas in this bedroom.  Take a closer look at some of the details, and as Mandi spills the details on her blog, we will be doing the same over here.

Now of course we already knew we loved and adored Mandi, but this trip she brought someone special, the beautiful Hailee, and we fell in love with her too!  Seriously.  We miss those two like crazy.

Here we are looking hot in our safety gear, after two solid days with no sleep.  Kelsey, Jilly, Mandi, Mia, and Hailee.

One of the best moments of the week was when we invited ourselves to be part of the morning meeting and joined the entire staff at Lowes for their daily cheer.  A definite highlight.

We can honestly say that there weren't any real lowlights.  Sure we were tired, needed to shower, had layers of paint embedded under our fingernails, and had achy backs and necks, but it was all SO worth it!

Our sincerest thanks goes to Mandi for including us on this huge project.  We are so happy she trusted us and asked for our help!  We loved every. single. minute. of our time with her.  She has a magnetic personality and is one of the warmest and most genuine girls you could ever hope to meet. Thanks Mandilicious, WE LOVE YOU!

We are also SO happy she brought Hailee along because we made a new forever friend who we absolutely adore.   Hailee is super easy going, a fantastic worker, funny, smart, and extremely responsible.  Thanks for taking care of us Hailee!

See Mandi's reveal post on Vintage Revivals {here}.

What's your favorite part of the room?  What tutorials would you like to see?  We'd love to know!
Thanks girls!  Here's to our next big adventure....

j & m



  1. You guys and your amazing talentedness! It's like you won the DIY, creative bombshell genetic lottery. :) I'd love to know how you stitched the rug together.

  2. DYING to know the details on the "barn door"--I'd love to do that same type of door to my master bath, too! Looks fab!

  3. OH MY GOSH! I love the room. Especially that art work. Wait, not the wall...no dang it the barn doors! How fun for you guys, going to hop on over to Vintage Rivals to check out the details. Great job!

  4. How fun! I would love to know all about that sliding "barn" door that covers the bath entrance.

  5. I FREAKING LOVE YOU GUYS!!! There is no way that this could have happened without you and your awesomeness, and I am having serious withdrawals without my girls!!! There are not even words for how much I adore you both!


  6. The vivid colors of that rug are so nice. Barn door is lovely. But most of all I like that dresser. xoxo
    ~ Herman Swan


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