the dog days of summer

Recently, a friend of mine happened upon a load of the coolest industrial crates, and after putting our heads together, we decided they would make very stylish dog beds.  Old, heavy and awesome!  They have the perfect patina and would meld effortlessly into several different types of decor. 

I hauled one down the street to my friend and neighbor Liz's house for a mini photo session.

If you were a dog, wouldn't you want to make that your own?  And look at that beautiful peach tree, laden with fruit!

Liz plucked a fuzzy one right off the tree and handed it to me.  During the summer, a good peach is undoubtedly my favorite fruit and I've been known to make a meal of them.  I told Liz about the {peach pasta recipe}. It's still one of my favorite dishes EVER!  Perfect for summer.

My sister-in-law Janey shared this delight with me many years ago, and I consider her an experienced, gourmet cook.  She is also fancy, every single day.  The first time we ate at her house, Jaci was only 7 and was certain the cloth napkins set at the breakfast table were just for looks.  Janey had a good laugh about that, and it was then I resolved to use cloth napkins for every major holiday so my kids didn't come across as the redneck cousins from Arizona.

After I shared my recipe, Liz told me that she loves to make fresh peach lemonade during the summer.  Oh, hold up!  This is a beverage for me.  She made gallons upon gallons of it for her daughter's wedding in their backyard a few years ago and it was a hit.  I'm going back to pick a box of peaches so  I can have an endless supply of this drink to get me through this summer.  It might be the one and only thing that pulls me through!  Did I mention I've been working like a dog?

Liz's Peach Lemonade
4 C sliced yellow peaches
1 C sugar
2 cans frozen lemonade + water to mix
peach slices to float

Cook peaches and sugar, stirring constantly, until mixture boils. Simmer 3-4 minutes. Skim and press through a strainer to yield 2 ½ cups syrup. Pour frozen lemonade in a 1 gallon container, adding syrup and water to make a scant 1 gallon. Chill. Add ice and float sliced peaches before serving.
Makes 1 gallon

Liz has shared many great recipes with me over the past four years I have lived on her street.  Everything that comes out of her kitchen is a party in my mouth, and I'm sure this is no exception.  I'm surprised she finds the time to make anything, because her full time job is raising puppies.  And five children.  If you are looking for a mini schnauzer, I promise you won't find a better breeder in the world.  She will have some ready to go home (with you!) in September.  Visit her {website} to learn more about her incredibly organized operation and adorable dogs.  And maybe tell her she can seal the deal with a glass of chilled peach lemonade that you can enjoy on her porch swing.

It's all I could do to say no to this face.... thank goodness he was sold! 

The dog beds measure 32" wide, 21" tall, and 21" deep.  This is the perfect size for a dog 25 pounds or under.  They each come with a thick, custom cushion that zips off in the back for washing.  Because they are truly vintage, each one will look slightly different in finish, but they are all equally awesome.  If you are interested in a bed for your furry friend that is super unique, email me for a price at meandjilly@gmail.com.

I can hardly wait to share with you my undertaking of the summer.  I've already had to call in the pros on two different occasions, but I just consider those slight hiccups. Ever get yourself into a project and realize you're in over your head?  Ya.  Me too.  Like every week.


  1. Goodness...there are so many good things in this blog post, I don't know where to start. Love the dog beds and even more that adorable puppy. How awesome to have peaches like that growing on your property. Guess what I am making for supper tonight? oh yeah...that pasta recipe.

  2. Wow.. what a cute dog- who could resist? Good thing for you he was sold.
    Thanks so much for the peach pasta recipe- I have a tree that is extra full. Already
    made a wonderful peach cobbler... now for the main dish. Yum.



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