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Last time I climbed to the top of my hall closet to get a gallon of paint, I took down an entire shelf of glass jars full of bottled peaches and tomatoes painstakingly canned last summer.  I said a bad word and then spent the next hour cleaning up broken glass and tomato juice.  It got all over backpacks, photos, computer paper, homework, and into the nooks and crannies of my storage closet.  Bitter.
Let's just say by the time it was all cleaned up, I was no longer in the mood to paint.

When a reader requested the paint colors from my {kitchen makeover} I was very hesitant to go back to the paint closet, but several more of you inquired so I said a prayer and went in, this time with a ladder. 

Remember this before and after?

Upper cabinets- Cincinnatian Hotel Hannaford by Valspar
The lower cabinets- Black Walnut by Dunn Edwards
Island- Serpentine by Dunn Edwards

After I painted all 55 cabinets, I realized the bad oak veneer grain showed through.  Bleh.  The solution was to cut a piece of thin luan board (Home Depot) and caulk it inside the molding on each door front.  Time consuming? YES.  But at this point, who's counting? 

I rubbed Ralph Lauren Tobacco glaze on the uppers for a richer finish.

The upper cabinet hardware and lower drawer pulls are both from {Van Dyke's Restorers}.
The lower door hardware from Anthropologie

It's been five years since this makeover and I still love my kitchen.  The lower cabinets are a bit of a pain to keep wiped down (which means they're usually not), but If I had the chance to do it over, I would paint them dark again. 

This weekend my boys will be in Utah for their annual father's and son's basketball camp, so I'll have a glorious 4 days to myself.  What to do???

I'm going to start sewing new window treatments.  I've been lightening things up in my house for the past year and it's time to replace the panels.   

I'm selling my existing treatments at a great price to make room for the new ones.  Here are a few pictures if you're interested in purchasing.  I'm happy to ship them anywhere in the US. 

Living Room-

Family Room-


All panels are clean, in excellent condition, ready to hang. 
Please email meandjilly@gmail.com or make a comment with your email address if you'd like more information including a detailed description, price list, dimensions, and shipping costs. 


  1. I am very excited for your new drapery panels... I can't wait to see what you create with that new fabric, because you definitely have a knack for putting things together! But I was most inspired by your closet story, as I said my own choice word when I was reorganizing my serving trays and they came crashing down on me. Somehow knowing there is even just a little bit of chaos in your house makes it easier to accept its presence in mine. Love ya!

    1. G, you know there is more than a little bit of chaos in my house!
      The serving tray disaster definitely tops canned tomatoes. Tear.

  2. I've always LOVED your kitchen. It's at the top of the list for me. I'm afraid mine will eventually morph into a sad imitation. But lets be real, any changes in my kitchen will be an improvement! Someday...

  3. The Kitchen is beautiful and I hope you have a wonderful day or two sewing up new curtains for your
    house... I too just lightened it up in my family room and hung draperies after being here ONE YEAR !
    Have a good time and enjoy yourself !


  4. I love the before and after of the kitchen. I am wanting to take the plunge and paint my cabinets this summer and redo my island. I searched the site on what you did to your island to make it look so custom, I couldn't find that tutorial. Is it something that you have posted? Have a great weekend, ladies! Adore your blog!

  5. I am interested in the kitchen drapes and family room drapes. Please email a price if you still have them! :) jsouth1113@gmail.com

  6. I would like more information on the drapes. HOw many panels are there of each and what is the lengths. They are gorgeous!


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