girls, we're famous!

The ladies of {Club Project} were at it again.  This time at our friend Gabrielle's home for some paneling, tiling, and a thorough decor "editing" session.  We all showed up fully energized at the anticipation of a hot breakfast waiting at the table. 

As we devoured {garlic-rubbed grilled cheese, bacon, tomato, sandwiches}, scrambled eggs, and water infused with mint and strawberries,  G' openly admitted her newest guilty pleasure, {Pinterest}.  She went on and on about how the recipe sections has changed her life and after sinking my teeth into these, I'm a believer.  I know it's time for me to join the throngs, but I don't even have time to read all my fav blogs.  Dilemma.

As Jilly was well into her second serving, she pulled out the highly anticipated September issue of AZ magazine, and announced, "girls, we're famous!". 

A few months ago, Kara Morrison asked me and Jilly if she could do a write up on Club Project.  So in early August, she and her fantastic crew came out and spent the day watching the 6 of us work.  We painted, sewed, upholstered, and had a great time letting her in on the "secrets" of CP. 

As we read the well written four page article, there were lots of "I said that's?" and "That was hilarious!"  We all agreed the main focus was not on the actual projects themselves, but about the connection we have with each other, which surely is the best part.

Then it was time to work. 

Jilly and Cara fired up the tile saw and started talking about the logistics of the rhomboid back splash they'd be configuring. 

Lettie and Candice, master accessorizers, started a thorough walk through, deciding which elements would stay, which would go, and what could be re-purposed.

G and I worked on paneling her stair wall.  She's waited long 6 years to tackle this project and was giddy with excitement.  We strapped on our safety goggles and got down to business. 

At lunchtime, the hostess provided a variety of savory salads from Paradise Bakery.  We talked about our plans for Labor Day weekend, our kids, our girlfriend's upcoming wedding, and whose turn it would be next, and then got back to work.

By the end of the day we got some really great things accomplished.  We found out Cara was born to work the tile saw, and that getting shocked twice in one day doesn't phase her.

Lettie and Candi did a sublime job accessorizing, and even found a way to work in Darin's childhood accordion.  G claims he's going to play it again when they renew their vows.  I can't wait.

The paneled wall is still a work in progress, but it's going to get done if it's the last thing we do!  When it's finished it will get a coat of dirty white paint and some distressing. 

The six of us came up with an idea for the magazine we think is pretty exciting, and we'd like to open it to the readers of Me and Jilly.  So, if you'd love a project day at your house, keep reading.

The women of Club Project believe that service to others is important and we would like to give one workday to a deserving someone who needs our help.  If you are interested- or if you know someone else who needs the assistance of six we-can-get-it-done-women, send an email to meandjilly@gmail.com and tell us about the project you need help with.  Please include a little about yourself.  Deadline is October 1st.  Entries are limited to those who live in the greater Phoenix area.


  1. You girls are awesome!! I'm amazed at everything you can do!!

  2. Can you ask G where she found her bird cages? I am looking for those for a new project. Thanks and LOVE all you do!

  3. Those birdcages were collected from the two other men in my life, Ross and T.J (Maxx, that is). I always keep my eye out for the shape and scale of an item, since a little spray paint can always change the color. My new rule for avoiding accessory overload? If I bring one new thing home, one old thing gets donated or re-purposed elsewhere.

  4. Love you girls. So much talent there!


  5. Aw too bad I don't live in AZ. You ladies are amazing. That is one lucky lady who gets some help from you.

  6. yaay! happy to see some az women rockin the talent. good job ladies.

  7. Congrats on the shout out! Also on "Better After". I picked up this issue at the ortho appointment, but had to leave before I got to your story! I would've gasped when I saw my imaginary friends in the magazine! LOL
    -J in Mesa

  8. Congrats on the article. I was excited to read it. I love that you do this and want to be in the club! Now on to... thinking, thinking, thinking what can I submit. ~Rosanne

  9. I would like to submit a project named "Get to Seattle" LH

  10. I am so excited that Jaimee told me (through her blog) about your blog. You girls are great and I will be a loyal reader!

  11. Girls.. I have so many projects for you.. Jill you know its true! If by chance I win, I'll farm out the littles & truly be in heaven. YOu girls are "WARRIORS". Whoever is lucky enough to win this prize.... CONGRATS.. you're in for a real good time. These girls are amazing. No hate mail here ;)

  12. Congrats!! That's awesome. What an amazing group of women - so jealous! It all turned out great. I have a great nominee, will email you.

  13. Wow, Club Project might be the coolest club I've ever heard of! I wish I had some handy friends too. I love what you did with this house! I'm your newest follower... found you through Centsational Girl. :)

  14. I NEED to know more about club project! I tried to start a "Project Day" with my neighbor, where we take turns going to each others' houses to work on things, but I need guidance. How does this all work?

  15. You all donating your time to someone in need is very cool. I can't wait to read all about it.

  16. Do you know how much I wished I lived in the 'greater Phoenix area' if only for a day!!! I would love to have you all come and just take over. Every Club Project post is inspiring, but without a 'partner in crime' to help me figure it all out, I don't even know where to begin ... and well, there's the budget issue too! You winner will be very blessed indeed! Congratulations on your new found fame! Thanks for the inspiration!

  17. That's an amazing idea. Congratulations on whomever you pick.

  18. Just found this blog and I'm checking out a bunch of your posts and I am ridiculously jealous of you girls for the amazing friendship that you share! I will be stopping by - a lot - and I can't wait to read of your future adventures!


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