do over, please?

Remember our friend Nicole from the {single ladies lunch}

Well, she ain't single no more.  I'm happy to report she's found the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with, and Jilly and I couldn't be more thrilled.   In three weeks she'll be mother of six (five boys and one girl), and we can't think of a better person for the job.  She's extraordinary.  

All our girlfriends have had a great time selecting wedding colors, deciding on food, coordinating bridesmaid dresses, shopping for shoes, and I'm in the process of sketching invitation ideas for the big day. 

All this wedding planning has got me wishing I could have a serious DO OVER!  The good news is, I married the right man.  But that's where it ends.  From the sequined, puffy sleeved, mermaid gown, to the posed photos and white lattice, looking back now, I'd have done it entirely different.

I wanted to shape my eyebrows in Photoshop SO bad, but I resisted.  When I look at this picture I find myself asking, where was my mother?  I guess she was busy glittering my faux bouquet. 

Sometimes when I'm all alone, I fantasize about doing it all again.  My way. 

The venue would be something like this

Or this....

Or maybe even this....

Could we all agree that wedding photography has come a long way in the last 16 years?  Seems like each wedding photo I get is more creative then the last.  No more posed couples, no more looking at the camera.  Anything goes. 

We might serve individual baby cakes like this...

oh, but I really like these.

A few pics that caught my eye on Pinterest.  Ya, I logged on, and now my family will be eating mac 'n cheese for dinner.  Every night.

And how adorable are these wedding parties?

and a thoughtful favor for the wedding guests...

Maybe we would end it all like this.

It's 3:00 and the nino just walked in the door from school.  Back to reality.

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  1. Your photo makes me think of our day -21 years ago, next week! We look like posed statues :) I LOVE wedding blogs! But now I have TOO many ideas floating around in my head!! (collecting them for my daughter's 'someday')
    -J in Mesa

  2. Me, too. You are not alone, dahlin. It wasn't cool to make stuff for your day back then. The one thing I really wanted to make was my dress, but my mom wouldn't let me. Remember Caroline Kennedy's dress? My mom said she wanted me to look like a bride! Ha! I did get my way on the jazz quartet, though...

  3. SOOO fabulous! You even make me want to do it all over again and I'm not that into weddings. These photos are amazing and the ideas behind them are so fun. Love it. Sent this link to my nephew who is getting married soon.

  4. I want a do-over too! We're nearing our 17th anniversary, and I'm just blown away at how much things have changed! Did I mention I think we should also be able to re-register for new household stuff? My tastes have changed a wee bit. ;-)

  5. I have been following your blog {Cara is my sister-in-law}. I can't figure out how to officially follow you, but I would love to have the 8x10 print download {even though I'm 2 days late}. Pretty please? michelle@lavarock.com

  6. I wonder how many of these brides will want a do-over in 16 years? Maybe not. I have thought about re-doing my wedding since it happened 10 years ago, although like you, the best thing was I married the right man for me. And I guess that's what really matters.

  7. pretty please if you post a photograph leave links to the photographers who's work you are using ... the photographers will really appreciate it. thanks so much. :) you have a lovely blog and posts are super interesting. thank you for taking the time to post your work.


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