all the single ladies

On Wednesday Jilly and I hosted the "single ladies" for lunch.
How do I begin to describe them? They're beautiful, smart, kind, and they set the example for single mothers everywhere. Each one has a unique story and each have gained strength from the past and are looking forward to a brilliant future.
It all began with this.

We decided the menu would include a salad of mixed greens, pink grapefruit, avocado, candied pecans, pomegranate seeds, and a pink vinaigrette.

We grilled hot paninis with peppered turkey, homemade Alfredo sauce, artichoke hearts, caramelized onion, tomato, and fresh basil, dripping with Havarti cheese...

...and served it with pomegranate Italian sodas. It all ended with chocolate baby cakes and raspberry sauce, topped with creme fresh.

Ooooooooh the goodness!

Besides tasting our creations, the best part is setting the table. We wanted this love fest to be sweet, simple, and all girl.

I love layers on a table. This event called for a white table drape paired with soft pink, ruched fabric and a sheer, horizontal, runner laden with vintage blossoms.

The goblets were adorned with sugared rims by dipping them in Karo syrup and again in sanding sugar.
So sweet!
What's a party without a favor? We used these baby roses as center pieces and then gave each friend one to take home.

Jilly created burlap cozies with soft pink ribbon and staked them with love notes.

And the party guests...

Angela Beason was the first to arrive. She recently moved here from Cali with her three cutie pie girls and handsome boy. She is kind, soft spoken, and still weighs as much as she did in Jr. high.

Nicole Bluth. This girl is as sweet as candy. She has a contagious laugh that comes in handy every night when she tucks her four tiny boys into bed. She has incredible faith and a mane of gorgeous hair!

(only in AZ would it be so sunny in Feb you had to break out the sunglasses, love it!)

Camie Burgi showed up dressed to the nines in her party attire and pearl accessories. She is always great company and is toying with the idea of dating again. If you know a man who is freakishly good looking and stable in every way, please let us know and we'll gladly pass on his info.
This girl deserves nothing less then perfection!

Lacey Brimmer.....this lady grew up around the corner from me (good memories!) and now she lives right down the street from Jilly. Coincidence, I think not. She is a girl with a big personality and an even bigger heart. It's impossible to be around Lacey with out feeling good. She is working really hard on a Phsycology degree while juggling the demands of three little peanuts. WARRIOR.

There was one couple at the table. No, me and Jilly are not leaving our husbands, but for all intents and purposes we're a pair. I love everything about Jilly from her insanely crafty mind to her positive attitude and her storytelling skills. As far as I'm concerned, we're in it for the long haul.

We loved every minute of this afternoon together, and felt uplifted and encouraged in the presence of these outstanding women.
Hope this gives you a little inspiration to make Valentines Day a memorable one.
......now put your hands up!

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