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I've never been a huge fan of Disneyland (no disrespect Captain EO), but let's just say I'm beginning to believe that dreams can come true. 

I've been trying to put the finishing touches on my family room for 6 years and in that time, I've been through 4 different coffee tables.  Finally I decided the perfect table would be round, with a marble top, and a wood base.

I also wanted it to be more stream lined since I currently have lots of French inspired pieces and curved lines in this room.  Naturally I started my quest looking at CL, thrift stores, and garage sales.  After about 5 weeks of searching, I hit the jackpot. 

 OK well, when I got it she looked more like this.

Please tell me why on earth you would spray a coffee table with thick, foam like, textured paint? 

Stripper to the rescue! 

Yes, you will find this at your local gentleman's establishment, but it's The Home Depot.

Apply it in small amounts, wait 15 minutes, and lightly scrape the paint right off.  It's magic.

In less than an hour I had stripped it down to it's natural, raw wood and it was everything I had hoped for, and more.  The residue from the spray paint actually left a crusty, white stain in the grooves that created the look of an old, worn patina. 

And the best part, it was $30.

I placed it in the center of the room and stared at it for the rest of the afternoon. 

Here's another "before and after" that currently resides in my family room.  I found this chair at a flea market in CA, and I bought it because I loved the lines and couldn't say no to the wood trim. 

Then I sent it over to a my favorite upholster, Jorge, for a makeover.  I made the white pillow out of an old grain sack and the peacock blue, ruffled pillow is right from Home Goods.

It sits next to this chair with curved arms and tufting on the seat and back.  A couple days ago I found part of a candy bar down in a tuft, a much needed pick me up.

Our family room and office nook.   

This room flows right into the kitchen where I have a long, farmhouse table from an old barn in Texas.  It comfortably seats 8 and somehow, it's always full. 

My next purchase is going to be different lighting over this table.  Anyone have an amazing fixture collecting dust in the garage?  I'm also kicking around the idea of a new window treatment.  I made this one 5 years ago and it's about time for an update. 

Our family room is not large and we always have a group over, so maximizing seating is important.  I bought this smaller scaled, low sofa (from Jilly) so it would seat three to four people and not take up a lot of visual space.  This pic was taken right after G painted the wood at {Club Project}

This couch was a must have.  It's dark, worn leather is durable and comfy with down filled cushions.  Very important for my man in case he has to sleep on it:)  

The leather couch sits next to this ten dollar, re-purposed patio table from CL.  I love the way natural elements soften spaces and invite the outdoors in.

So what is your latest and greatest find?  If it's as good as my new coffee table, we MUST hear about it.  Send your pics to us at meandjilly@gmail.com and we'll show them off in an upcoming post. 


  1. I'm in love with all of it! So glad you found the perfect table to perfect. O, how I need help with the decorating and appreciate your ideas. Sir Thomas saw me reading your blog and took a look too. He asked me to send his love for your leather couch. Men. Now you know why we ONLY have leather. It is fabulous though.

  2. If you really redo your curtains - will you sell me yours :-). They are beautiful!

  3. I could move right in! So comfortable ;)

  4. You have the most lovely living room! I LOVE it!

  5. love your blog. since i live in arizona who is Jorge?

  6. Wow that table looks amazing!
    Really pretty like an old driftwood piece!
    Just perfection;)
    Lovely greetings...


  7. your whole room is fantabulous! I think I might kill for your mirror though :)

  8. I am literally smitten by your finished room. It looks more amazing than a magazine because it is so practical, lived and and was created little by little with your loving hands over the last few years. :)

  9. love your blog! so glad i stumbled upon it! new follower, god bless-

  10. I LOVE the space! It's gorgeous! But I must know where you scored that incredible leather sofa!!!! I've never found a down-filled leather sofa and I think I have to have it or my life will never be fulfilled. ;-)

  11. Hi Michelle, I purchased the leather sofa from a place called the Potato Barn in Gilbert, AZ.
    It has served us well:) Thanks for the lovely comment and thanks for reading!

  12. My dream is for you to one day come and design my entire house. I love everything in these rooms. Congrats on finding the perfect coffee table.

  13. I would love to buy your curtains too..? Are they for sale? thebeckbucnh621@msn.com

  14. What kind of backsplash do you have? I really love that brick look..Can you send me the name of it and color...Thanks! My kitchen is in need of a redo!

  15. Hi Leticia, My back splash is brick veneer. I got it from a friend who had the perfect amount left over from a design job! If my memory serves me correctly I believe it came from Kaiser Tile in Tempe, although I don't remember what color. I'd check the materials on Craig's List and see if they have anything similar for a lot less!

    I'll let you know when I'm ready to re-do my kitchen window treatment.


  16. I love the coffee table! Looks like it got sprayed with drywall texture. Don't ask me how I know (but it might be because I have to strip the drywall texture off my 100+ year old doors because my dad sprayed sloppily.)

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