lunch with lizzybeth

Jilly and I have a dear friend named Elizabeth Banks who radiates goodness in every way.  She has noteworthy taste, she's a marvelous hostess, and she's the most stylish grandma we know.  Jilly introduced me to Elizabeth the night of her oldest daughter's wedding and it was definitely love at first sight. 

Last week she had us over for an Easter lunch.  She served Monte Cristo sandwiches with strawberry jam, fresh fruit, and lemon sour cream pie.  Mmmmmm.

While we were there, we got to see the new changes she's made to her home.  Last December Elizabeth was in the midst of decorating for Christmas (which is no small task at the Banks home) and while stringing lights, she had an unfortunate attic fire.  Don't worry, the fire fighters showed up in good time and most of the house was salvaged.   But sadly, she lost the entire contents of her living room, and her 60 dollar/ yard, animal print ribbon.  Elizabeth and her family moved out of their home for four months while the insurance company made sense of the rubble.

On the bright side, she got to check off one of her 2011goals - update the living room. She went from deep burgundy, traditional furniture to this light, more streamlined furniture.  Look at the yummy butter yellow leather on these new sofas!  I'm worshiping it.

Jilly and I love the new and updated changes from the 24" crown molding on her 20' vaulted ceiling down to the one-of-a-kind flooring.   Elizabeth is pretty much the only girl we know who can pull off leopard print carpet, and zebra striped ottomans.  Do not attempt this at home unless your grandkids call you Nana Sass.

Elizabeth is an extraordinary mother of six.  I am constantly learning how to be a better mom through her example.  Her kids think she walks on water, and well, she pretty much does.  I thought this gallery wall was a fun and inexpensive way to share her family with all who enter her home. 

Elizabeth splurged on this button tufted settee, formerly housed in the dressing room of Anthropologie.  LUCKY!  She added some great splashes of color to her family room with these whimsical pillows.

Her kitchen is entirely black and white with accents of red.  She spends a LOT of time there so it needs to be functional as well as aesthetic.  Just so ya know, Elizabeth recently released her second edition cookbook.  It is full of wonderful family style recipes for anyone you know who loves to eat well.  It's the perfect Mother's Day gift.  Order her cookbook {here}.  You won't be disappointed!

While we were there, I had to take a peek into her youngest two daughters' rooms. 

Why does the Aladdin Bedding I grew up with suddenly seem so uncool?

And here's the little dear sitting comfortably in her new living room with her puppy, Snow White.  Doesn't it look like she's posing for her own spread in Better Homes and Gardens?  Well when it happens, just remember, we saw it first!

We absolutely adore you Lizzybeth!  Thanks for inviting us over for a most wonderful afternoon.  It was such a treat!


  1. Yay Aunt Liz :)
    I know from 1st hand over and over again, her food is divine!

  2. Savannah featured her Mom and her home just the other day! It's beautiful isn't it!? Elizabeth is the best!



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