hollywood vintage anyone?

This is Lettie.

Lettie is one of the six members of {Club Project}.  Lettie was in the middle of decorating for a vintage inspired wedding with a touch of Hollywood glam and called on the ladies of CP to give her some assistance.  Needless to say, we jumped at the chance.

Our posse arrived at the wedding destination in North Mesa at 8:30 AM and got started unloading treasures,

and more treasures,

and even more treasures. 
Lettie had every detail methodically planned out and she sketched a "to do" list so we could make the most of our day on treasure island.

Jilly and I got started right away on a 16 yard, purple, velvet drape.  Lettie purchased the fabric for pennies at SAS in downtown Tempe and it was our job to fasten it up to a very tall tree with duct tape, a hand held stapler, and an unstable ladder.  The things we do for love. 

In 8 CP hours, plus another 3 long days, 3 sleepless nights, an electrician, a handyman, plus her trusted assistant Candy at her side, this was the end result. 

Magical. Isn't it?

Wanna see more of Lettie's work?  Ok, click {here}. How about those stunning photos taken by the adorable and talented Kim Skinner?  See more of her {here}.  It doesn't hurt to have a ravishing bride and groom in the pic either, does it.

Now who wants to renew their vows?


  1. Amazing! So beautiful. I hope my wedding is as beautiful as that one.

  2. This wedding turned out so beautiful, I am sure the bride and groom felt very special on their day with such a dream backdrop.

  3. hiya , what a fabulous wedding , you all made it lookso whimsical vintagy but glamorous too , well done and thanks for sharing

  4. Oh, how pretty! Visiting from Vintage Revivals...I'm a new follower!

  5. Wow, these decorations are a show-stopper! So creative & innovative. I'm so impressed. I popped over from Vintage Revivals where someone listed you as their favorite blog. I can certainly see why! I really enjoyed my visit.

    Warmly, Michelle



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