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Today was a great day! It was {Club Project} and this month we got to tackle one of my favorite things......upholstery.
One of our best girls, G, found this pair of chairs at an antique market in Peoria, AZ and wanted us to help give them a make over.

She had everything we needed ready to go by 9 am and we got right to work....

Just look at G being so industrious!

Me and Jilly each took a year of upholstery in college, and today we would have made our teacher proud.
Did anyone else take upholstery from Ray Crandell at EVIT?

Look at Jilly workin' that staple gun like it aint no thing.
There was only one tiny mishap when Jilly almost stapled G's back. She'll try to blame it on me
but pay her no mind.

Here she is, the finished product in all her glory.

I know the Bible tells us not to covet, but if there was ever a time to break a commandment, it's probably now.

I like to think love is in the details.

Here are my favorite details on these chairs.

Here's the cost breakdown on the two chairs:
Chairs $90
Fabric $50- Home Fabrics (Mesa AZ)
Gimp $6.25-SAS (Tempe AZ)

Total spent: $146.25

Please forgive me, I'm jealous.

We also re-covered the seats on these chairs for G's breakfast table. The casters are perfect for moving around on the brick floor in her kitchen.
You can see this girl loves her some linen.

Oh, let's not forget that aside from looking adorable in a tool belt, G can bake a mean cupcake. I'm pretty sure we would have shoveled manure all day for these babies. They were to die for!
(recipe to come)

Did I tell you how much I love Club Project, and more importantly how much I love the girls in it? Each one brings such unique and wonderful talents and abilities to our group.

We laugh ALOT, and sometimes we cry. We are simply a group of friends trying to get things accomplished, lifting and loving one another as we go.


  1. Just breathe... I'm about to make a comment. First: a moment of silence for the how huge my spare tire looks in my picture. I'm glad "G" keeps me fairly anonymous. Secondly, I had SO much fun and I love how well they turned out. I am pretty sure that we r-o-c-k and I can't wait until next project day. As far as I'm concerned, there are 6 girls in Project Club and 6 days in a week (with one day belonging to the Lord) so if I had it my way, we'd do this weekly. Love you!

  2. Yay G! First, don't worry darling, it's nothing 8 minutes can't fix. Second, I think they turned out pretty dang good for a few girls who only kind of knew what we were doing. Maybe when we're really old and our dear husbands have left this mortal existance, we can get together every day and do projects to our hearts content. Macrame anyone?

  3. I feel we are sisters living parallel lives! My two besties and I celebrate "art day" at my home every friday and all work on current projects including painting, quilting, knitting, paperdoll making, or anything that currantly holds our attention. (lunch is alwalys a must) I love your idea of club project. We have done this for and with each other in the past but never on a regular basis, brilliant! I admire you all, Barb in Scottsdale
    p.s. what art market in Peoria did you get those chairs, I'm drooling....

  4. I have to admit, I've shed a few tears reading this post. First, because I was sick in bed whilst you girls were creating, laughing, eating, and bonding. Second, because I'm insanely jealous of G's new girls...and third, because I feel the love for you all....and so blessed to call you my friends!

  5. BEAUTIFUL! You ladies are tres talented! Question: Did you just put the new fabric right over the old?? I cannot tell in the pics! Thanks in advance...and would you ever do tutorials on chairs like this??

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  7. Hi Ms. Cupcake! Yes, we went right over the fabric on the back of the chairs. We'd love to do a tutorial as soon as we get it down to a Science. On this one, we just figured it out as we went:) Thanks for stoppin by!

  8. Ray Crandell says you get an A+ on your chairs!


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