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Jilly and I have been busy making preparations for a Valentines Lunch we're hosting this week for a few of our single girls. We thought it would be lovely to serve a feast in my back yard in their honor. So many decisions...salad?...sandwiches?...pasta?...dessert? We want it to be perfectly memorable for these warrior moms.

Does anyone besides me and Oprah think a brilliant invitation is the essential beginning of a memorable event? Well here's an idea even Colin Cowie would be proud of, and I credit this stroke of genius to our very own Jilly.

Here are step by step directions if you want to make you're very own.

1. Cut the cuff off of a mans dress shirt right above the seam.

2. Take a 1" strip of fabric and sew a loose basting stitch down the center, then gather it.

3. Cut the ruffled fabric to length and sew it onto the left side of the cuff.

4. Zig zag the bottom of the cuff shut.

5. Add desired embellishments to the cuff and insert your invitation.
It's also the perfect size to serve as a holster for a gift card.

The invitation was created from a tag we featured {here}. They're free to print if you want.

Hold on to your party hats, the details of this love fest will be comin' soon.

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  1. Ohhhh pretty! (I have some flannel cuffs, so they may turn out a *little* differently.) I am so in love with fabric cuff jewelry, and these are some of the best I have seen.

  2. I mean, obviously I won't sew them closed, LOL..

  3. If I leave Curtis tonight...could I be invited??

  4. hi, can we still print these from your link? It's going to a financial site when i click the link. Love these!!


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