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One morning I got dressed as usual and gave myself the once over in my full length mirror. I realized that head to toe my outfit cost 40 bucks! Right then I decided I would document some good deals I've scored at retail and thrift stores around AZ. Don't get me wrong, I adore my Buckle jeans, but I've also found jeans at Savers that I love just as much. Hope this inspires you to shop clearance and thrift stores a little more.
I promise, your husband is on board!

dress: down east basics $20, cardigan: last chance $7, boots: target $23

shirt: last chance $7, skinny jeans: down east basics $36, pewter
flats: ross $10

headband: ross $6, dress: ross $23, cardigan: le target' $15, boots:
last chance $20

shirt: dillards $9, white t: le target' $7, jeans: savers $12, furry boots:
le target' $18

knit hat: f 21 $7, scarf: le target' $5, yellow jacket: f 21 $10, grey stripe t: rue 21 $7, jeans: good will $10, burgundy velvet flats: ross $12

shirt: savers $6, cropped pants: charlotte russe $15, jeweled flats: f 21 $9, flower pin: down east basics $5

I have some boot cut jeans I loved a few years ago and now I like straight leg and skinny jeans so instead of buying new ones, I took them to my friend, Sarah, who altered them for $12. If you don't have a friend who does alterations, most malls have a tailor that will do it for a reasonable fee.

I love Forever 21 jewelry. It's so cute and so cheap that you can change it out every season. It can give an outfit just the right punch of color and texture and you can donate it, guilt free, when you're done with it.

I've been known to make my family late for church a time or two because I was upstairs taking in a skirt I bought at savers the night before. Have you ever thought about cutting off the top of a thrifted dress and making it into a skirt, or adding a ruffle to the bottom of a dress to add some length?
I didn't make my own clothes in Jr.High for nothin!


  1. Are you for hire? You are too cute!

  2. Love it..you are adorable. I'm going to copy your yellow & grey & white stripe one. :)

  3. Love all the outfits! My daughter learned from the best, and now she recycles clothes all the time! It's so cool, and practically free!Thinking Green!!

  4. Great Post Minda! Let's see if we can get your skills into some high school classes too!

  5. I cut my clothes all of the time! To date I have not had much luck with my own alterations but I always an itch to tweak things just a bit. Love this post, I am always looking great deals. If you have a chance pop over to www.swoonstylehome.com to the What Would Jamie Wear category. Thanks so much for a great read!


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