winner #2 + ear warmer tutorial

Winner #2
{the $50 Anthropologie Card}
goes to the one and only MAN that entered our contest.


Congratulations you lucky sucker!
Curtis happens to be one of our great friends who gave us a lovely shout on FB so we'll
deliver his prize.

Check back tomorrow for another big winner!!!

But don't worry, if you were not the chosen one we're NOT leaving you high and dry.

Jilly went up north with the children for winter break and "conveniently" got snowed in at Mommy's.
So.....in between homemade pies and foot massages, she got out some fabric scraps and started crafting ear bonnets for this unseasonable chill we're experiencing in AZ.

The sad news is she missed my annual holiday dinner, but the happy news is she found this tutorial and we're it passing along

Jilly swears these took her 30 minutes to stitch up.
How fetching!




  1. Thanks for the link. This is really cool.

  2. YEAH!!!! I'm SOOOOOO excited!!!!!! Or, I mean, Curtis is so excited. I'm sure he'll pick something lovely from Anthropologie. ;D

    Cant wait to see Jilly's adorable ear bonnet.

  3. Made my day! this is the best blog evah!!!


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