winner #1 + calendar download

We have a WINNER!!!!

Congratulations KIM #32

You won prize #1, the Cookbook and Anthro Apron!!!!

You have one week to claim your goods and let us know where to send them.

Make sure you check back tomorrow to see if you've won prize #2
(the $50 anthro card)

If you didn't win the gift today don't fret, we have a consolation prize for YOU. Check out this fresh and fun 2011 calendar we found from "Switcheroom" to kick off your completely organized new year.

All you have to do is become a Switcharoom follower and she'll email it right to ya!



  1. Love the Anthro!!! I'm sad I missed this giveaway! You guys are fantastic :)

  2. Aww thank you so much for posting about my calendar! Added to my little thank you page :)

    Happy New Year!


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