don't stair!

My current home gives the phrase "It has some potential." new meaning. Can you imagine 4,300 square feet of 12" white tile?

Yes, the entire floor is covered in it....save the stairs to the basement. Since 4,200 square feet of flooring is not going to be changing anytime soon, I am trying to focus on the 100 that I can actually do something with.

Enter my stairs.

I know what you're thinking.....how many kids do you have locked up in that basement? But sadly, the children are running free, and this is in fact the current condition of my steps.
I've been dreaming about a stair make-over for quite some time. I would love to incorporate some numbers, either painted or as Mia suggested, antique metal. She has some great ideas, which is one of the many reasons I like to stick close to that girl.

I love these two ideas for numbered stairs.

If I were building a new home and could do whatever I wanted, I would definitely try to incorporate a genius idea into the construction of the staircase. Look at all that storage! How about that slide for the little ones?

Who wishes they were four?

I would love to strip the paint off my stair treads and stain the beat up wood with a dark finish. I would paint the risers white, and number the stairs off to one side.

I have the dream of finishing them up before my youngest starts college. He's 7. I'm thinking it's definitely something to shoot for.

Until then, I'm at home, mopping white tile.....waiting for Nate Berkus to show up!

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