a sweet note

Last night's festivities went abnormally late for me, so before I jumped into bed I asked my man if he could get Brody off to school in the morning.

If there's anything this girl loves, it's an extra hour of beauty sleep!

I woke up just in time to pull my hair into a braid and grab my yoga mat for 8:00 class. When I ran downstairs to grab my keys, I found this on the table.

Maybe there is hope for 15 year old boys.

Maybe all of our {Family Home Evenings}, late night chats, Sunday school lessons, and endless hugs are paying off! I read it twice and then tucked it away to read again later.

Then I skipped off to yoga class and saw these {purple kale}
I just planted by my front porch.

I love the way they give a friendly greeting to all who come to my door. I love that they thrive in the sun or semi-shaded areas. They do well in a pot indoors or a garden outside, and they're really easy to keep alive.

I planted mine in a row with white cyclaman.

The best thing is that both of these plants can be found in the garden center at Lowe's. The best thing about Lowe's is they guarantee their plants for one year so if you're a little nervous about testing your green thumb, you needn't be scared.

Go ahead, do some planting and see if you can't create a little pre-spring bliss!

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