diy cake plate

I don't like to brag, but me and Jilly are charming girls with lots of friends. Our best girls range from extraordinary mothers, to belly dancers and needlepoint enthusiasts.

Each year on their birthdays we love to shower them with pleasure and wonder (that's what makes us so nice).
However for people like us, gifting can turn into an exorbitant task.

When our friend (and fellow foodie) Kelly Brown turned 36 last week, naturally we wanted to show her how much she's meant to us.

We thought this cake plate was the perfect way to say.....

'je t'aime'

Maybe you have a friend with a special day around the corner.

Here's step by step directions how to create her an attractive and inexpensive birthday gift.

#1. Obtain any kind of food-safe plate (we happened to find a sweet 1840's vintage) and find a sturdy base like a candle stick or a goblet.

#2 Use E-6000 to adhere the base to the top of the plate.

#3 press the base to the center of the cake plate and let it dry for 24 hours.

#4 spray paint the bottom of the plate with the color of your choice.

#5 let the plate dry completely.

Pile the plate up with her favorite treats (we did a chocolate turtle cake).

You might want to take some kleenex when you deliver. There will be tears.

Happy Birthday K B, Jilly and I are blessed to know you. With culinary skills to brag about and movie star good looks, you're forever our girl.


  1. Did you spray the entire plate or just the bottom?

  2. Hi April:
    We only spray painted the bottom of the plate, so that the top was still food safe. Easy and fun project! Thanks for looking.

  3. i would so love a gif like that! super cute!
    ... i just found your blog & i kinda really like it ;)

  4. OMG, I love it!!! Can I be your best buddy too? ;o)

  5. My bday is March 24th just incase you need to practice making another one! :) Love it the idea!

  6. OK.... I really like this idea!!! Great Job. I might have to do this for some christmas gifts for my sisters.

    I think you said you lived in AZ? I am heading there next month to run the Ragnar Relay..it starts in Wickenburg and ends in Tempe.


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