september giveaway winners!

In honor of me and Jilly and our new {e-design services}, we've chosen two lucky followers to be our guinea pigs! 

Let's get real, although this will be our maiden voyage into the sea of on line design, together we have over 30 years of experience and can't wait to put our heads together to help you with all your design quandaries!  And just because it takes us six months to decide on that perfect trim for for the new kitchen panels or move to phase two of a bathroom makeover, doesn't mean we aren't going to deliver some of our best and quickest work to these two lucky ladies. 
                                                                  ...AND THE WINNERS ARE...

Mini Design giveaway- #17 Lindsay at {Better After}

Jilly and I just ADORE this girl and can't wait to help her out with that little space in her home that's been stumpin' her.  If you haven't been over to visit her and see some of the most inspiring transformations in blog land, you're going to want to do that. Right. Now.

Unless your name is Ashley.

Full Service Design Option 2- #26 Ashley of the Biddle Family

As fate would have it, Ashley is a local girl and we happen to be one or her biggest fans. We're SO excited to get in her home and come up with some ideas to suit her and her darling little family of seven.  Now let's talk about that amazing homemade pizza Ash:)

You two should probably email us asap so we can get this party started!   meandjilly@gmail.com

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  1. You have absolutely NO idea how excited I am!!!! My heart stopped beating! I felt like I won an Oprah make over! I can hardly wait! You 2 are my favorites!


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