Remember this face?

Ya him.

Oh, mommy!

I'll give you a moment to catch your breath.

So in case you're not up to speed, last Friday I surprised 5 of my best girls when I persuaded this cutie pie to do a segment on Club Project. 

You can't IMAGINE what kind of hoops I had to jump through to get them all in the same place at the same time, not to mention coordinating a 6 man camera crew and a field producer.  But I pulled it off, fabricated lies, sleepless nights, and sweaty armpits.

I coordinated back and forth with Jenny, the shows producer, to work out all the kinks and let's just say, I have a new appreciation for what goes on behind the scenes. You can't fathom what kind of planning, coordinating, and scheduling must align to make something like this happen.  The most miraculous thing of all is I kept it a secret for 6 weeks! 

Jenny and I worked closely together on every detail including what pieces we would make over for the show.  She thought it would be best if we took on two small projects that groups of three could work on,  something that would take no more then a few hours to transform.

I found this old cart on casters at a flea market in Long Beach and thought it would be the perfect thing to
showcase.  I know, it's a diamond in the rough, but I knew it had some potential and the 6 of us could bring out it's inner rock star.  G said if she had found it on the side of the road, she wouldn't take a second look, but I fancied it right from the moment I laid eyes on it. 

Lettie, Candice, and G sanded down and re-stained the top, painted the inside and outside light gray, and stripped the hardware and key holes. 

G hand painted numbers on the drawers. 

Nate and I both agree, a room needs at least one modern piece with clean lines.  I knew this would sit in perfect juxtaposition next to my traditional, leather sofa, and french settee. 

Remember this small scaled chest from Gracie's Thrift?  I purchased it during a trip we took {junkin' in Phoenix}.

It was only thirty bucks and with a smidge of creativity, I knew it would make a great night stand for my teenager's bedroom. 

Jilly, Cara, and I worked on this one, stopping along the way to explain exactly how to DIY and maybe shoot an occasional oops, "take 2".  Jesse was an expert, asking us just the right questions so viewers at home would be able to re-create the process.  We used the tutorial from Jami at {Freckled Laundry} to create this zinc inspired look right from restoration hardware. 

I searched the internet and found this inspiring idea for drawer pulls. I knew if we put our heads together, we could come up with something just as innovative.

Cara took some jute rope and after a few minutes, she invented this.  Now, that's what I call friends with benefits. 

Here's the finished product.  I love the little carpet tacks we hammered into the drawer fronts to give it the look of zinc veneer.

Little did I know, there was one more surprise in store for us.  A big one.  At the end of the day, I opened the front door and there on my porch were six huge, beautifully wrapped, gift baskets from Nate and the crew!  In them we found gorgeous linens from his home shopping collection,

battery operated candles with decorative, holiday cuffs,

linen scarves,
a sequined throw pillow,

and a little note from the man himself.

That's G in hot pink scrubs.  She was so excited, she gave the note a big, juicy, kiss.  Jilly's expression comes in as a close second (don't judge her, she was a cheerleader, and a Bon Jovi lover).  We've honestly been trying to get ourselves to the Miravel Spa for years and surprise, NOW WERE GOING!

It was such a special privilege to be able to give this opportunity to 5 of my friends.  The six of us know as well as anyone that life isn't always exactly the way we we'd imagined it would be.  It was so exhilarating to take a break from the cares of the world and experience pure joy for one day.   

Our segment airs next Friday, November 11th and you bet we'll be together.  Just the 6 of us (plus Nate), some yummy treats, and a TV tuned in to channel 10 at 11:00am. 

PS. Nate, if you're reading, there's still a chance for us.  In my book, there's only two things standing between us. 

Call me.


  1. Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you and congrats. :)I hope to meet you wonderful ladies sometime soon.

  2. WOW!! What a super cool experience!!! Can't wait to see your episode and have tons of fun at the spa (totally jealous over here!). :)

  3. What an AWESOME experience and great job on those two pieces! This post made me smile...ya'll all look so elated!!

  4. I am beyond excited for you girls!! It couldn't have happened to better and more deserving people, unless it happened to me. ;) Just kidding!! LOVE how the projects turned out too! Way to go girlies!!

  5. I've been waiting for this post! How exciting! I can't wait for the show on the 11th, I'll be watching for sure!

  6. WOW. Congratulations! And, to suprise the others was phenomenal. Looks like you all had a good time. You can bet that I'll be watching. Be sure to let us know how the retreat goes at Miravel. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

  7. So awesome!! I am dyin over the excitement photo -so cute :) J in Mesa

  8. this. is. fantastic!!!! go girls!!!

  9. I am so excited for you guys, I can't stand it!! I wish I could be the 7th friend! Ha ha. I will definately be watching on Friday!!!

  10. Awesome! Congrats and enjoy the spa! Very much!!
    I loved the two pieces, love the style that you guys made shows up! Great job.

  11. Oh my gosh....I love the expressions on all of your faces after getting your gifts from Nate!!! I would have been kneeling on the floor with my face to the ceiling screaming and sobbing at the same time.
    Your projects were amazing- LOVE the silver table with the jute pulls!!!
    I just learned about your awesome blog from Vintage Revivals, and I am so excited to now be following along! You girls have GREAT taste!! :)

  12. OMG - I love your stuff!!! New follower :)

  13. Both night stands turned out awesome. I love the little numbers on the first. It's the touch that puts it over the top (in a good way). Love the knot hardware on the zinc nightstand! Thank you so much for the shout out on my tutorial. LOVE the last photo of you girls! That's priceless! So happy you all had such a fun time!


  14. Hi there
    I stumbled across the "inspiration" drawer pull pic on pinterest. Am wondering if you could tell me where you originally found that image???


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