New York, New York. Part 2.

Narrowing down our top ten was a challenge, but without further ado, here are the last 5 highlights and lowlights from our fabulous trip.

Anyone who is anyone has heard about the Naked Cowboy in Times Square.  Naturally, a group of women were interested in spotting him and maybe getting a semi-scandalous photo with him.  We had high hopes, until we saw him...... back it up Cowboy.  He was old.  He was vulgar.  He had no taste.  No deal.

Lowlight:  The Naked Cowboy

It was Fashion Week in the city, and there were all sorts of model hopefuls roaming the streets.  None caught our attention quite as fully as the one standing opposite us waiting to cross the street in a teal Speedo.  Why couldn't HE have been the Naked Cowboy? 

Highlight:  Speedo Man

One fateful evening, we found ourselves famished at 10:00 p.m. and were on a mission to find some good food, fast.  You don't have to look far in NYC to do that, and so we very innocently popped into a charming little Italian place for some authentic New York pizza.

As soon as we were seated, we realized we were in trouble.  Seated directly across from us, in very close proximity, were two highly intoxicated men.  One of them tapped Ann on the shoulder and asked if she would tell his mother (whom he was talking to on a cell phone) that he was not in a bar, but at a nice restaurant.  Of course Ann obliged, and started a conversation with "Ma".  Ma simply made Ann promise that her son would not be arrested that night, because she had already bailed him out four other times. We were able to capture some conversation with him on video, however, it's not appropriate for all audiences so we are unable to include it.  Our apologies.

 Lowlight:  Having dinner with the drunks.

Our friend insisted that for spoiling our quiet evening and interrupting us several times during our meal, he would pick up the tab.  He slapped a $100 bill down on our table before he left, which made all the unpleasantries suddenly worth it.

Highlight:  Dinner for free!

Of course while we were in the city, we planned on seeing a Broadway show. While we were chatting with one of the ticket vendors on the street, one of the best things EVER happened.  My very own Mia was propositioned by a man of a different ethnicity who boldly announced, "I love you."  I was super impressed with the way Mia handled herself, she is a true lady, and only turned one shade of crimson.  The rest of us were quite amused, especially when he asked her if she had "ever had chocolate" and asked her to "blink twice if she wanted some."  Poor little Mia opened her smallish eyes as wide as she could so there was no mistaking her intent.

Lowlight:  Mia's proposition

 He lost interest pretty quickly after that, and after Mia regrouped, we decided to see Mary Poppins at the Amsterdam Theater.  The theater was beautiful, and the show was even better.  We all fell in love with the the singer/actor who played Bert, but really everyone in the show was magnificent!  We had prime seats in the orchestra section, and truly enjoyed the whole experience .  If you are headed to NYC and need a clean show, this is the one to see.

Highlight:  Seeing a Broadway show in New York City!

And now, a story that probably won't surprise you at all..... We missed our flight home.  I could bore you with all the details of how it happened, but to save you some time, and to save our marriages, suffice it to say that we were late to the airport, and they wouldn't even begin to entertain letting us on the plane.

Lowlight:  Homeless in NYC.

What we thought was a lowlight, actually turned into one of the biggest highlights!  My man booked us a room at a lovely hotel near the airport, and we got ourselves right back into the city the next morning.  We hadn't found any time to go to Central Park during our trip, so we took advantage of the extra day by having a lovely meal and spending some time there.  It was more beautiful than I had even imagined, and we were so happy to be able to experience it.  Gracious thanks to our families who had to deal with us being gone an extra day.

Highlight:  Skipping through Central Park on a beautiful day.

On our way back to JFK  (several) hours before our scheduled flight home, we finally figured out how to use the subways/buses.

Highlight:  Proficient use of the subway system.

Lowlight:  Figuring this out the last hour of our trip.

Years ago, Mia and I went to Vegas to see Celine Dion and met up with Minda's cousin, Robbins.  He introduced us to a ingenious system he likes to use when traveling with friends.  We have used it ever since, and have decided it is crucial to a successful trip.  Everyone makes a list of their expectations and priorities for the trip.  You put your lists together and attempt to make a plan so that everyone is happy in the end.  If it works effectively, everyone gets to check off their wishes by the last day, which really makes the trip enjoyable for all.   

Wow.  What an adventure, full of fun and sponteniety.  Mia is the funnest traveling companion ever, (which is why I try to never leave home without her) and Ann and LeAnn, although only acquaintances to me when we left, are now truly friends.  We laughed until we cried, ate until we were sick, walked until we had blisters, and dropped into bed every night with huge smiles on our faces.  Thanks ladies, for a trip that will never be forgotten.  Where are we going next year?  Seriously?



  1. I loved reading this! Sounds like a great time. :)

  2. What a great read! I love visiting NYC as well. I totally laughed out loud at the proposition and Mia's reaction. That is priceless!

  3. FYI that was NOT the real Naked Cowboy. The real Naked Cowboy was an over-tanned gym rat who was well past his prime, but he retired about 5 years ago (after averaging $200k A YEAR, THANK YOU VERY MUCH). So this wannabe in tighty-whities was pretty much just a pervert in whose fruit had left the looms. Anyway, sorry he was not all you hoped! Looks like fun, though!


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