the three pigs

Once upon a time there were three little pigs. There was a 16 year old girly pig, and two little brother pigs. Their favorite thing to do was leave their slop anywhere except where it belonged.
They misplaced books, shoes, hats, belts, keys, back packs, flat irons, balls, underwear, Lego's, cell phones, dance bags, and soon they were all losing the curl in their tails!
One day the mama sow snapped and decided it was time for an organization intervention. She thought and thought about how she could call some order to all the hairy chaos. She searched high and low for a solution to the turmoil, and finally her angry snorts turned into squeals of delight when she stumbled upon this.....

The sow placed this set of lockers right inside her back door and now every pig has it's own spot to store their treasures. The Hog even has his own niche to stash millions, and once again the pigs are living with harmony in the cleanest pen on the block.....(this is a fairytale).
The End.
Oh, and the sow got these lockers from a fellow junkster for 90 bucks.....
Worth every penny.
The The End


  1. I love them! Such a great way to have organization, and the color is perfect!

  2. I think this is one of my favorite posts ever!

  3. Wow!! Love them....those are SO cool!

  4. That is AWESOMEE!
    If you have time please check out my blog.


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