Hey, it's Mia and I live in sunny Arizona.  Although cactus is alluring, I find myself day dreaming about English Gardens, Paris flea markets, and a live-in Manny (equipped with a tool belt and "to do" lists). For now you'll find me at home making up new recipes, entertaining teenagers, or creating comfortable and charming spaces for the ones I love.  I'm obsessed with slumber parties, bread pudding, leisure suits, and occasionally I'll invite myself over for lunch.  At home we have an open door policy so please, come in!

Hi, I'm Jilly!  I love creating something out of nothing, junking in Canada, and sneaking in an afternoon nap. Don't be alarmed if you see me in front of your house on big trash day.  Some people rescue cats, I prefer discarded treasures.  I've been baking delicious confections for over 20 years and my key lime cupcakes have saved marriages and made grown men cry.  I'm lucky enough to have a great husband and blessed to be the mother of three fun kids. So happy you stopped by to join in on our adventures....there will be many!

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