room reveal

Nope, not the bathroom.  My computer will probably blow up when that happens.  Yours might too.

BUT....it is the room next to the bathroom! 

I finally finished my daughter's bedroom and I'm SO happy it's done.  I started working on it over a year ago when I posted this "before" picture.

You'd think that picture alone would have been enough to motivate me until it was done! Wow....

Here's another picture of the wall opposite the bed, taken the same day as the photo above.

And, if you can handle it, one more picture.  Here are the closet doors.

Somehow I didn't get a picture of the closet doors in Jaci's room, but here are their twins in the boys room.  Too bad I had already taken the dark wood casing off.  It would have made the picture a little better.  And by better, I mean worse.

bad. Bad. BAD!  Sadly, I got sidetracked and started about 62 other projects and Jaci's room got put on the back burner.  When she decided to spend a long weekend in Mexico a few months ago, I promised myself I'd finish it before she got home.  With lots of help and a few sleepless nights, I was able to wrap it up.

This bedroom is light and bright, free spirited and colorful, just like my girl.  This is the first room I've ever done in my own home with so much color, but I really love it and it suits Jaci perfectly.

So, please enjoy about 100 hours of work that are going to appear before your eyes instantaneously, as if this room came together in the blink of an eye.....  Lucky, lucky you.

I hope you'll agree it's much improved.

I'll be back next week to fill you in on all the details.  This room was so much fun to design and work on.  Since it's in the basement, keeping it bright and happy was a definite goal.  It all came together just as I had hoped!

On a side note, my family enjoyed a snowboarding getaway last weekend in Big Bear, California.

We had SO much fun!  I couldn't move my upper body for a full two days (the sorest arms and neck!) but it was worth it.  We had a great time singing, talking, eating, sipping hot chocolate, playing games, watching movies and of course snowboarding.  It was pure bliss for me.  The cozy cabin we stayed in was perfect and the snow was magical.

Spending time with my family while creating memories is something I absolutely treasure.  It takes a lot of planning and coordinating, but I never regret all the effort that goes into time away with my loves.

Check back next week for the good, bad, and the ugly details of how this room came together!

your girl,


  1. Uhhh, yeah hello? That's the best transformation ever! How old is she? What a great surprise to come to. And for the record I do appreciate how quick this was for your readers. Before, scroll, after. Thank you. Lol I'm thoroughly engaged in seeing your next couple of posts to see how this happened.

  2. Love the room! What a cool idea to paint the window sash green.

  3. You've done it again! Another great transformation! Jaci is one lucky girl. And I'm glad that you and your family had a great time in Big Bear. The California drought has been tough on the ski resorts. but we've had rain for the last two days, with more to come, so maybe there's hope....

  4. Amazing! I love a good before and after!!

  5. Oh wow what a cheery room! I am so impressed, thanks for sharing. Your blog is always so enjoyable and one of my favorites can't wait to know what you used to make the colorful artwork.

  6. Come make my bedroom look like this! I live in a complete hot mess! I love this room, great great great job!


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