bedroom details, part two

The saga continues......

The window in Jaci's bedroom used to be an eyesore, but now it's  a focal point.  I tackled all the window trim by myself (!) and finished it in a night.

After it was filled, caulked, sanded and painted, it looked so much better.  But as I stood back and surveyed it, I concluded that the window was never going to look good with that old and tired scratched up black metal around it.  I taped off all the wood and the walls around the window to prep it for a clean and crisp coat of kelly green semi gloss paint.

It took an hour and a half to tape off and 30 seconds to spray it.  It's one of my favorite things in the room.

Mia came over one night and we made the window treatment:  a workable roman shade with blackout lining.  Teenagers need their beauty sleep.  I loved the fabric I chose, but after it was done and installed, it was looking a little bit plain.

I had some navy trim in my stash which ended up looking great in two rows glued (with fabric glue) down each side.  Adding that little detail made all the difference.

The frames are all {ribba} frames from IKEA.  Jaci is a photographer (her instagram name is @jacimariesmith) and I wanted to showcase what she is passionate about, so I ordered 8 of her favorite pictures in a 12 x 12 size from {mpix}.  It will be fun to switch them out for new favorites, as the mood strikes, for a whole new look.

The coolest console table in America (and maybe the whole world?) is from a thrift store, picked up for $12!!!  It's really narrow (12 inches) and over 8 ft. long, and it's one of my most favorite finds EVER!  You can see in the "before" picture of this space that it has an odd drawer.

That's because it was missing a drawer when I found it.  My sweet dad made me a new drawer and by the time I sanded, prepped, and painted it, you would never know it's any different from the others!  I got the hardware from Lowes.

The chair was found looking very forlorn at Goodwill for $4.99.

The metal parts received a coat of gold spray paint,  and the wood parts were painted white.  I reupholstered the seat cushion in really soft, white leather(ish) fabric and added the fun green and white striped welt to make it pop!  I also added a touch of green paint on the front and back of the chair just for fun.

The big, brown closet doors have been transformed into nice, bright doors that don't dominate the room anymore.  I sketched out a little design and Andrew did a perfect job cutting and installing the moulding exactly how I wanted it.  We just used wood glue and painters tape to hold it overnight, then took the doors outside to spray them.

For the handles, I followed {this} tutorial, using some handles from IKEA and a strip of wood.  Such a great way to get a nice big handle for large closet doors.

Well, that's it for this room!  The only other thing I have planned is new flooring and baseboards.  I found some great tongue and groove laminate in a light pine on Craigslist a few weeks ago and bought enough to cover Jaci's room and the boys room which is right across the hall.  We ripped the boys tile out two summers ago and painted the cement floor to hold us over, but it will be so nice to have some real flooring!

I'm always working on our home and have lots of things started.....always waiting for inspiration, motivation, or cash to complete most things.  Thanks for joining me on my journeys and for your sweet comments.  That's where lots of my motivation comes from!

Still working on tying up the small, unfinished details of that pesky bathroom.  It will be revealed before next year, I can totally promise that! 

your girl,


  1. Awesome room! I love it A LOT!! :)

  2. Love the pop of green on the window along with the trim on the shade. Excellent call.

  3. After looking FOREVER for a console that was 8 feet, I finally just made one. TWELVE DOLLARS???? Sigh. The find of the century! The whole freaking room is so dreamy and perfect I can't even take it.

  4. It is even BETTER in person- thanks so much for the tour. Best bday EVER!

  5. It is even BETTER in person- thanks so much for the tour. Best bday EVER!

  6. Always love it when a post from you pops up on bloglovin'. I continue to be impressed at your creativity and low-cost solutions to "eye-sores". Keep it up.

  7. you have more energy and creativity than 6 other girls Mia..... amazing job!

  8. Another amazing and wonderful make-over! You (and your friends!) are so talented. Jaci is a lucky girl to have such a well put-together room.

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