oh man....happy new year!

Has it honestly been over 2 months since there has been a post on the blog?  I know my mom has missed me.......

And speaking of that cutie, she and my dad will be home in a little over a week now from the Philippines!  To say I'm excited to see them after a long 18 months is an understatement!  They have been serving a mission for our church and have helped so many people in the area they have lived.  One of the experiences they have enjoyed the most has been to work with the deaf and mute members of our church there.  I know these people have grown to love my parents so much.

They survived the typhoon, and my mom was hospitalized for 5 days with pneumonia over Christmas, but that was the worst of it, and we feel so lucky to be getting them back.  My family has been blessed beyond measure by their examples of faith and selfless service.  I know, more than anything, my parents will be forever changed because of the opportunities they had to give of their hearts all day, every day.  I just can't wait to wrap my arms around them!

Lots has gone on in the past two months. We celebrated so many holidays!

Included in all the celebrating was another anniversary with my Lover.  We spent a few days at a cozy cabin in the woods.  We had a super relaxing time, loving some lazy time before the busy holiday season.  We made meals together, sang, danced, napped, stayed up too late, slept in too long, watched a few movies, and went on a great hike.  It was so, so much fun!

I hosted Thanksgiving at my house again this year, and it was wonderful.  My dear friend, Jennie, came to spend the holiday with us, and we LOVED having her.  She helped me so, so much.  We prepped for two days solid and that girl (thankfully) knows her way around a kitchen.  She made all the pies (including the amazing {apple pie in a bag}), peeled 25 pounds of potatoes, washed dishes, set the table, and at least a million other things.

I invited her to come back every single year and help  celebrate with us. Even though I've only known her for a couple of years,  I absolutely love her!  She's just like family to us.

Thankfully, Mia and her family were here with us, and dear G and her family joined us, too!  Most of my family was able to make it, minus my parents, two of my brothers and their families, and Jaci, who was in North Carolina this year.  But everyone here had a great time, enjoyed awesome weather, and the food was flat out amazing.

And then it was December 1st.

And I had a birthday.

I didn't turn 30, and I didn't turn 50 either.  Somewhere in between......

Needless to say, it was cause for a big distraction, and let me tell you, my girls didn't disappoint!  Mia organized a trip to the {Miraval Spa} (voted number one spa in the WORLD!) for me and 6 of my closest friends.

It was two of the most glorious days I have ever had, and it made the birthday a lot less painful.  We went to meditation classes, yoga, had an amazing equine experience, got facials, ate the best food on the planet, slept in the dreamiest beds with luxurious linens, soaked in hot tubs, and lived in fluffy white robes the whole time there.  I can't even tell you what it meant to me.  It was an experience I will never, ever forget and these girls mean the world to me.

They are my closest confidants, my cheerleaders, and my best friends.  Some of them have been with me for almost 20 years, and some are relatively new friends, but I love each of them for who they are and how they bless my life so richly.   As we sat at dinner one night, one by one they each told me something they admired about me.  It was so touching and heartfelt, and even though I don't feel adequate in so many ways, they made me feel so special, appreciated and loved.  That experience will keep my cup full for a long, long time.  Thanks girls, I LOVE YOU!

And then...... what a busy Christmas season!  We went to so many fun parties and celebrations.  But the highlight for me, was that my very talented and capable husband was asked to be the vocalist at the Mesa LDS Temple on Christmas Eve.

He was given 30 minutes and put an outstanding program together.  So many of our friends, family and church members came in support.  There were around 1500 people there and Andrew did an amazing job.  My favorite number was "What Child Is This" that  Jaci sang with him while he played the guitar.  While I listened to them sing together, I couldn't help acknowledging and feeling so grateful for how truly blessed I am.

Andrew's parents came from Canada to hear him sing, and were able to stay with us for a few weeks and miss some of Ontario's ice storms.  They were so happy to bask in the 70+ degree weather and we had a great time with them.  They went on walks every day and enjoyed picking and eating the pink grapefruit off our tree.  We ate (lots), played games, sang songs, had long talks and really enjoyed having them here.  Canada is a long way from us, so we try to make the most of our time together when we get it! This is the only picture of us all together, taken after the little boys school Christmas concert.

I hope that each of you enjoyed a wonderful holiday season with the people you love most.  Here's to a spectacular 2014 and my wish that this new year brings to you all the success, happiness and joy you deserve!

Maybe I'll finish the basement bathroom this year? (It's soooo close!)

your girl,


  1. I was so happy to read your post this morning thanks for the updates and inspiration!

  2. I have been waiting for you gals to post! I also turned that age between 30 and 50 in September (and with a new baby, too...). Glad that you had such a special time.

    Can't wait to see your new projects and posts. Happy 2014 to you both!

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  4. How did you know my theme for 2014 is the "year of miracles"? I have had so many surprise gifts since January 1, and now "Me and Jilly" is back? This makes miracle #3 so far!!! Hip, hip hooray!

    I loved your classic and tasteful Thanksgiving... it was obvious that the food was going to be the superstar, second only to the fabulous host and hostess. Also, your home is so family-friendly... everyone can congregate without feeling closed in and the door is always open to laughter and wonderful memories made there. You can't find that in any magazine or catalog... that's something only the people who live within its walls can provide. You and Andy do that so well.

    Also, I would like to cheer you on for all of the celebrations you have/ will experience this year... I hope that 2014 is your best year yet and that there are many more special moments to celebrate. The question is, since it is the year of miracles, does that mean we might hear from Mia before year-end? or does her name really mean Missing In Action? Either way, thanks for sharing and for being SO worthy of celebrating. Always.

  5. Yes! You're back! I've missed your great writing and updates on your life, family and projects. Have a great new year, and keep posting!

  6. Jill, what an exciting year this will be! I cant wait to meet your mom and dad! I have to say you Scotts have the forever young jean. You all look so young. Aaaaannnnd, Even though I just live up the street from you I feel like I have not seen you in two months! It has been a busy two months! I loved reading your post.

  7. Am I famous now? I think that maybe I am.

    BEST THANKSGIVING EVER!!! Love you to pieces and thanks SO much for welcoming me right on in! xoxoxo and xo

  8. Holy.....wow. You blogged!! Yay!! I loved reading every detail:) So glad you're back, and YES! I agree with Melanie! you and your mom could be twins!! You got some mad young genes in your fam!!!

  9. Your Mom is still as beautiful as ever! I guess that's where you get it!:)


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