my weekend window drama

Since I sold my window treatments in an attempt to lighten the living room, and since I had new ones that were ready to hang, I desperately wanted to give our front window a bit more drama.  We live in a home where the builder cut some corners which left us with lots of little windows about 24 inches in between the top of them and the ceiling.  Unfortunate yes, hopeless, no.

I just wanted to take the window from this...

to something more like this...

No big deal. 

So last weekend my husband asked me if I wanted to go on a date.  While I'm sure he had something more relaxing and romantic in mind, I quickly replied, "Yeeeesss! To The Home Depot."  Don't you think trimming out the living room window together sounds lovely? 

My man is a roll-with-it kinda guy, so off we skipped to the HD, holding hands, lovingly gazing into each others eyes.  Kidding, but for me we might as well have been. 

When we got to HD, we met a lovely couple at the wood cutting saw with gaggles of MDF for their garage cabinet project.  I quickly asked if they might have a 9" piece they'd be willing to part with.  Instead of having to buy an entire sheet for one window, I gave them a few bucks and a high five.

We also came home with a stick of shelf edging (approx 3/4 inch) and a stick of 3" crown molding. 

My man got busy right away chiseling off the existing mirrors I had liquid nails'd to the wall.  Yes, I know it was a bad idea but six years ago it felt like the right thing to do.

We nailed the 3/4" by 9" piece of MDF right onto the drywall above the existing molding. 

Then we needed to hide the seam so we cut a piece of shelf edging the same length as the MDF and wrapped the corners using a miter saw.  We were still in love.

Next was the crown molding.  Todd and I had never attempted crown together. 


We went out to the garage and screwed up 5 or 6 cuts, came in and tried to find a you tube video, went back out to the garage to give it another try (where it was at least 120 degrees), messed up some more molding, cut Todd's hand, busted the miter saw, called our friend Melanie to borrow her saw and help us figure out how to cut it, went back to Home Depot for another stick of crown, and called our marriage counselor for her next available appointment.

Don't worry though, we got it.

And after all was said and done (trust me, a lot was said) I'm happy to report our marriage is stronger than ever.  Todd is so patient with me when my project OCD rears it's ugly head.  I am sad to report however, this was the moment I realized our dream of re-habing a house together will never come to fruition.  Boo.

After caulk and paint, which I went ahead and did myself, here's the finished project. 

It cost $16.00 (excluding the extra molding we had to buy, which I've already let go)

Then I hung our new window treatments. 

Did you know that just like our sweet husbands, window treatments need to be trained?  Yep, fabric actually has memory, and if you fold your panels and tie them up for a few days, they'll cooperate much better in keeping their shape.  Now, we all know that some husbands are easier to train than others, and it's no different with fabric.  If you're working with a heavier or synthetic fabric, you might need to keep them tied longer. 

If you run your hands all the way down the fabric while pinching the creases a few times a day, it helps the process along.

As soon as I've got em trained (the curtains), I'll show you my up-dated living room.  And if you live in the east valley of AZ and want the name of the cute lady who sewed these panels for a very reasonable price, email meandjilly@gmail.com. 

Oh, and WHO will be the next five followers that will take me and jilly to 1,000?  This is seriously exciting!!!


  1. I love the molding. Molding makes everything better.

  2. This Old House has one of the best tutorials I've found for how to cut and install crown molding: http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/how-to/intro/0,,1016651,00.html

    1. Bless you Peggy. Where have you been all my life???

  3. Only four more to go!
    PS- love the molding, we tried to have our builders put that in our house when we built it, didn't turn out that way at all. Maybe my own husband will ask me for a date soon. Then again, might be better all around to get dear ol' dad to help instead...

  4. The molding looks awesome. You really did a great job. Your post really made me smile as I could picture the entire episode.

  5. love this idea.. may have to try this in our living room

  6. I would risk my marriage for that result, no question. Well played. XOXO

  7. Looking good. Can't wait to see the whole picture. Did you at least go out for dinner?

  8. I love the additional moulding you added! I think I might just have to add some to my sad looking bathroom window... and of course more moulding around it since it has none!

  9. Looks amazing! We are under construction ourselves over here. ugh

  10. Beautiful result, and I'm happy to hear that your marriage survived ;-) I almost snorted diet dr pepper as I envisioned training your husband like training the curtain panels (tied up, running your hands up and down while gently pinching the creases) ...


  11. live in Scottsdale, would love the name of your seamstress! Thanks so much for being willing to share : )

  12. That’s a beautiful inspiration there. Were you able to imitate this in your home? Oh, and I wish to see your updated living room. :) I’m trying to do some simple renovations around the house, too, so I’d like to be inspired by other people’s work. :)

  13. How's the living room remediation, Jilly? Did it turn out the way you want it? Your choice of desired window design will apparently be a major work, but worth it anyway. Do update us when that happened. =)
    Willene Fagen @RoofingandMoreINC.com

  14. There are other ways to enhance your window without putting so much major work. A little component of window treatments will do the trick. Like hanging custom drapes or adding roman drapes for a luxurious statement!
    → Roxie @ WindowTreatmentsPhiladelphia.com


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