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Wasn't that so sad for us?  Nothing like getting kicked off after the first round on national television.  We had a great party in SLC the night it aired with about 150 women in attendance.  Thanks to everyone that came and made it such a success.  It was fun to meet so many new people and see some old friends!

A little explanation about our episode....  In our defense, we were told (off camera) that we were being judged on two things:  making a functional bird house that could be used outside, and how we incorporated the challenge material into our design.  If you saw our episode, you know that our challenge material just happened to be the contents of a junk drawer.  Awesome.

So, according to the directions we were given, we figured the only material to make a sustainable birdhouse out of would be wood (right?) and that we should try to use as much of the "junk" as we possibly could.  This birdhouse was not our style.  It was not our favorite project.  Neither of us would have ever made something like it on our own. 

After we got the boot, Mandi went home and made a replica, but painted it out the way we wanted to if we would have had time.  Still not our favorite, but so much more cohesive and easy to look at.  So, please enjoy our redemption piece.

It was still an awesome experience and it's interesting to discover that TV is nothing like you think it is.  {Mandi} and I will be forever friends now.  That girl is awesome and has one of the biggest and kindest hearts of anyone I've ever known.  She is non-judgmental, open and completely void of any guile.  Watch this girl.  I can guarantee she is going somewhere BIG in this life and I'll be on the front row cheering her on!

For my local friends and readers, have you had a chance to snag a seat or two for the {Benefit Concert} my husband and his friend are doing for a sweet mother in need?  It's going to be an evening you don't want to miss!  Mia and I will be there with treats to share, and we would love to meet you.  If you like music, you'll love this.  I promise. Let's pack the house for Brittany and raise some money for her ongoing medical costs.  Go {HERE} to secure yourself a spot.

Hope your summer is going well.  I have been on the go almost constantly!  Mia and I embarked on quite an adventure with our little boys.  We'll fill you in on all the excitement soon.


  1. I watched that episode and boy was I hot afterwards. I was so disappointed for y'all. I love Mandi's redo and know she would've blown everyone's socks off had she made it to round 2.

    I know you and Mandi are too gracious and kind to ever mention this so I'll go ahead and say it. I'm not sure Miss Tori is kind enough for the crafting world. I know she would've made me cry more than once if I were on that show. I hope it's just an act to make everything more intense.

  2. I was so sad for you guys! I thought your bird house was the best idea. I'd like to see Miss Tori to do the craft along side of the contestants and see how she'd do. The show is kinda dumb, but of course I have seen every episode since...hate that I get caught up in these stupid shows! ~Rosanne


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