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Have you ever been asked to do something so fun you wondered how you lucked into it?

Maybe you have heard of the new show on TLC that premiered tonight, hosted by Tori Spelling.

Well guess what friends?  The adorable Mandi from {Vintage Revivals} asked me to go on that show and be her assistant!  I know!!  Who is this lucky?!  Oh, right.  That's obvious.

Admittedly, I was just along for the ride as Mandi had many more responsibilities than I did to make it all happen, but we found ourselves meeting for the very first time at the LA airport and it was love at first sight!

We got to spend the next several days with each other, attached at the hip.  We solved all the world's problems, had more than one adventure together, and had the fun experience of really getting to know each other beyond our previous emails, texts and phone conversations.  The biggest thrill of all was having the opportunity of a lifetime to be on this fantastic new show!  Because we practically had to sign contracts with our blood, we can't give out any more details, but it truly was one of the grandest adventures of our lives.

So here's the fun part.  Mandi and I have been dying to get together again and we have arranged our schedules to both be in the Salt Lake area on the evening of Tuesday, July 3rd.  We decided it would be a blast to have a great party and watch an episode of Craft Wars.  Party planner extraordinaire Bridget, of {Bridgey Widgey} has very graciously volunteered to host this event at her parent's house in Davis County.  It will be open to the first 100 who RSVP.

How cute is she?

All that we are asking is that you bring a treat to share and your fun self.  It's going to be an entertaining evening for sure, and we are working on some great giveaways to top it all off.

Does this sound fun?  Do you want to meet us, cause we want to meet you!  As an added extra bonus, Mia will be with me and she has the reputation of being the life of the party.  Girlfriend does not disappoint.  Trust. Me.

So come!  Bring a friend or two.  Bring a treat or two.

I can't wait to see Mandi.

And you.


  1. Darn! I wish I were in the SLC area for the fourth. Excited to see pictures from the event, though!

  2. I am so jealous! I wish I lived in Utah with all of the good bloggers! I'll be cheering for your guys though! Can't wait to see it & see all the pics from the party

  3. I want to RSVP for my big sis G & me!

    1. 1littlemom, hop over to Bridgey Widgey's site and RSVP! The spots are going fast!

  4. man oh man you are a tease...why can't i live in your area and get in on all this fun? as always, i am in awe of you and wish i could meet you girlfriend!!!

    hugs, beth


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