a birthday and vanity

No, it's not my birthday.  However, it is my hunk of a man's birthday today, and I want to wish him one of the happiest ever!  I think we're going to see The Hunger Games (are we the only couple on this planet who hasn't seen it?) and maybe nibble on some grass outside the theater.  Remember we are doing a 28 day challenge of 100% plant based foods?  This is day 21, and we are holding up surprisingly well.  Anyhow, Happy Birthday Babe!  You're cute.

Now, on to the vanity part......It's not me struggling with vanity.  It's the bathroom.  Downstairs. 

I know I have shared many complaints about the house I live in, but the downstairs bathroom has been on "my list" from the get-go.  I'm not brave enough to show you before pictures quite yet.  Let's just say we don't encourage visitors to venture in, and I can barely tolerate the kids having to use it.

A find on CL last week was enough to spur me into action.  I purchased a dresser with both shelves and drawers to transform into a new vanity.  My mom was here for a visit and I dragged her down to IKEA to look at bathroom sinks.  I have had my eye on one and was ready to purchase it as soon as she gave me her blessing.

As soon as we got to the bathroom part of the showroom, I spied with my little eye some price tags with red lines through them, signifying clearance items! As soon as I got close enough, I was certain I wasn't reading the tag correctly.  After thoroughly examining what was written, I realized that the vanity I was looking at, originally priced at $299, was now $49!  My poor brain went into hyper-overdrive and my very thought out bathroom design started changing that instant.

I am ditching the CL find and going with two sleek and brand new vanities from IKEA.  Not all of the Godmorgan vanities are being discontinued, but there were probably 10 different options for $49, and a few for $79. And more good news.  Just for you, I called the IKEA call center yesterday and stayed on hold for 20 minutes to find out they are discontinuing certain vanity styles at ALL their locations!  If you have been toying with the idea of a bathroom remodel that reflects a clean sense of style and modern lines on a tight budget, I just might have made your day.

If you've never considered IKEA for your bathroom needs, here are some inspiration photos of  beautiful bathrooms that could cause you to be swayed towards the big blue building.

So, I spent a mere $100 for two vanities, instead of $600.  I'm considering that my husband's main birthday present, since I saved him SO much cash!  Don't you think he's going to be excited??


  1. Please tell Andrew Happy Birthday from us!
    Mary and Jim

  2. Hey, I just happened to watch Nate Berkus today and there was my friend Cara, from hygiene school! I've been trying to find her for years! Can you tell her I heart her and I am so glad she's part of such an amazing group of women!! If you ever need a guest star to take part of your club, I'll come on down :) jk..not really. Anyway, I would love to get in touch with Cara and we have family down in Gilbert and Mesa. We were just there last month. Will you please give Cara my email addy? gypsearl@yahoo.com

    All the best,
    Sandy Peacock


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