back to life.

Hi friends, it's nice to be back. But if we're being honest, not waking to an alarm clock or counting one single calorie for a couple weeks was glorious.

We are looking forward to a beautiful new year, and have lots of aspirations for our little blog.  That being said, sometimes "life" has a funny way of popping in at some pretty inopportune times, and we find it hard to be completely consistent.  As mom's who blog, we know that many of you can understand the difficult line that must be drawn when it comes to things that take you away from your families.  We are just two simple girls who are trying our hardest to juggle all that life demands, while still carving out a little time to accomplish things that we are passionate about and can share with you.  Keeping our priorities in check is very important to us, and sometimes blogging can't be at the top of that list.  Just know that if we disappear for a spell, we will be back as quickly as we can, and we will miss you like crazy while we're gone!

2012 holds so much promise and hope, and we have no intentions of falling off your radar.  Our plans are to have the best year yet!  In fact, January has already started off with a bang, with Jilly's industrial workbench being featured in this month's Cottages and Bungalows magazine.

Special thanks to Jickie Torres for the opportunity, as well as Jessica Warner for the amazing professional photography. We really appreciate both of you!

As an added bonus, we received a sweet email from Patty in Texas of how she recreated the infamous Craigslist find for her own entertainment center.    Click on {this link} to look at the pictures of her nearly identical replication.  Her attentive husband duplicated every detail for her.  Patty, don't let that man out of your sight! And thanks so much for sharing.

2012 better watch out, cause here we come!!

j & m


  1. Hey girls! First off-I'm a huge fan of your blog, I love it so much that I featured it in my Feature You Friday post today! Keep up the great work and helping beginner crafters and DIY'ers like me to be inspired!


    Newlyweds on a Budget

  2. soooo glad you're back, I missed you like my youth!!! : ) Can't wait to see what you hve in store for us in 2012, xo beth

  3. I just found your blog...so glad I did. Congrats on being featured. Fabulous!

  4. It's great that you are featured in the mag! And how kind of you to put up a pic and link of my hubby's humble re-creation of that awesome workbench!!
    You girls are truly inspiring :)
    Love the blog. Keep those ideas coming ;)

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