remarkable reader re-do!

Imagine our surprise and delight when we received the following email from Jessica:

hello -
i am a follower of your blog and just wanted to let you know how your blog post about the industrial workbench inspired me to build my very own!!!
thank you for all your amazing posts!
you are such an inspiration to me :)

many thanks,

Jessica is pretty much a rockstar in our world now.  To pick up a workbench for $50 in the middle of a haboob is one thing, but to build one of your own is quite another.

Just as a refresher, here is the industrial workbench that Jilly gave new life to for her basement family room.

And here is Jessica's nearly identical reproduction.

We know.  Unbelievable, right?

You are amazing Jessica, and a girl after our own hearts.  You saw something and thought, "hey, I can build that."  And you detailed the building process so well on your {blog}, that now everyone can build one.  Thanks for taking the time to post such informative tutorials for others to follow.

She also promises to give the directions on how to build that fun shelf above, and the crate on the ground from an old pallet.  We are going to give her at least a week to get those tutorials up.  She must be exhausted!

{link one} Jessica's fabulous finished product
{link two} part one of the tutorial
{link three} part two of the tutorial

Whose brave enough to follow in Jessica's footsteps?


j & m



  1. many thanks to girls with good taste! it is such an honor to be featured on your fabulous blog... keep on inspiring!

  2. well this is VERY inspirational considering I've been searching and searching for the perfect piece in our family room to house our tv! i was thinking of an armoire, but it's not big enough - so this industrial workbench type is perfect...now I'm gonna have to show this to my hubby and tell him, "see, a gal did this all on her own!" now off to check out jessica's blog! thanks girls for continuously inspiring...I was never really a DIY gal til we moved into this fixer upper home of ours and bc of budgetary reasons, everything MUST be DIY! :)

    Hugs from Los Angeles,

  3. Wow what a great job! Where are you guys in Arizona?


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