industrial railroad carts

Industrial railroad carts have taken the design world by storm this past year.  Many designers have incorporated them into beautiful rooms as coffee tables.  A couple of my favorite images:


But my favorite of all is from {The Old Painted Cottage}, and sits in my blogging friend Jennifer's front room.  That girl......she sure has a spectacular sense of style.  I adore everything she does.

So while I do love the look, I haven't been so fond of the price of any that I have stumbled upon.  Take this one for example, from Restoration Hardware.  It's list price is $1095.


It's true I have seen them  a few bucks cheaper on Ebay, but still in the $700 range.

Well friends, I have good news.  Especially if you live in the greater Phoenix area.  Take a look at what my backyard looked like last week.

A friend of mine lucked into 20 of these beauties!  He has completely restored them and they look amazing.  The iron parts were fully disassembled and cleaned.  The wood is original and was finished with a coat of wax.  The patina is beautiful and the iron wheels are exquisite.  They are clean and sturdy, and ready to roll themselves right into the perfectly appointed spot in your home!

The old stencil "LINEBERRY N. WILKESBORO, N.C."  is faint but apparent on most of them.  They each weigh approximately 175 pounds.  He is offering the carts for $375 apiece, and they can be picked up at my home in Gilbert.  If you don't have the vehicle to transport one, he will deliver it for an additional $40. (metro Phoenix area only)

If you have been wondering what to get yourself for Christmas, I'm pretty sure I just cleared it up for you.  If you have been as good as me this year, you deserve one.  I'm sure Santa thinks so too.

To make arrangements for purchase, please contact us at meandjilly@gmail.com.


  1. WOW! $375 is a steal and I wish I had the extra cash because I would "steal" one away from you. :) Excellent find.

  2. That is excellent. Unfortunately, my home won't accommodate a large piece such as this. But, it looks heavenly. It wouldn't do it justice to put it ouside & put plants on it. I'm sure they will all go in a hurry. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

  3. I will share this info...they are AMAZING! I think it's diy in me I still want to score one and re-do myself...but that is a great deal!!

  4. I love these!!


  5. I want one!!! & Just got one! It looks perfect with my "photo wall" thanks to you!

  6. What are the dimensions?

  7. Just found your blog---and I'm really inspired! Thanks for all the great DIY's!!! I'm your newest follower :]


  8. I would love one of those if I can figure out where I would put it. Let me know if you still have some

  9. these are fantastic! i only wish i lived near you!!!

  10. Wow...looks like something straight off of Extreme Makeover Home Edition! So creative...I'll definitely have t give this a try!


  11. Oh my goodness. These are stunning. I have to agree, the one from The Old Painted Cottage is pure perfection. Adding these to the future dream house list!

  12. Girls - I'm not sure how I missed this post till just now. Wow, thank you for sharing my old cart table in your post. But I think I'd be even more excited to peek outside my window one day and see all those old carts and rusty old wheels in my backyard! LUCKY YOU! It is an undying fascination, me and those old cart tables. They still take my breath away at every turn.


  13. Wow! I didn't realize you gals live in Gilbert. Ha! I'm inviting you to my SAGE Sister Artisan Guild of the East Valley: http://www.meetup.com/sistersartisanguild/.
    It'd be cool to meet ya's, even though this upcoming Saturday Studio is all filled up. Check it out!


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