i do.

It's a big day for our dearest Nicole.  The dresses are altered, the suits are tailored, and the bride and groom are counting down the hours.  The wedding happens tomorrow morning and we're so thrilled, we can't stand it!!! 

Nicole has a handy group of girl friends, and each of us took on a small part of the wedding planning.  I had the pleasure of designing the invitations and doing the wedding flowers.  Nicole loves bright red and aqua, so she and I worked together to come up with an invitation that would represent her vintage inspired colors and decor, while keeping it clean and simple. 

How cute are these two? 

Nicole is a really uncomplicated girl and when I asked her opinion on the flowers, she replied "Just do it, I totally trust you." (my favorite response).  I thought a hand tied bouquet of roses, mums, and wild flowers would be just right for our girl.   

Making a wedding bouquet is probably easier then you think.  Here is a step by step tutorial in case you're feeling in touch with your inner Martha Stewart.  I ordered these flowers from a wholesale vendor, but you can order beautiful flowers from Costco or any grocery store with a florist.  Just make sure they're in season or you'll pay at least double. 
First, take the unwanted leaves off the stems. 

Make a small cluster of flowers.   For this bouquet, I wanted the flowers to look more asymmetric, like I gathered them from a field and tied them with a ribbon.

Tie the small cluster together with wire to secure it in place.  Working in stages makes the bouquet manageable so you're not working with too many loose stems at once.

Keep building on the small cluster, adding more florals, until you achieve the desired look and fullness. 

Wrap the stems in two places to secure the bouquet tightly in place.  Cut off the stems at the bottom to the desired length. 

Secure the stems together with whatever material you choose.  I started with a knot at the top, wrapped lace around the stems to the bottom, then back up to the top. 

Then I took a separate piece of lace and tied the bouquet at the top with a knot.

Add any kind of embellishment.  I pinned on a vintage, rhinestone brooch.

Easy and beautiful.

For the groom, a simple bunch of flowers and berries tied up with twine. 

For detailed instruction on corsages and boutonnieres, see our tutorial {here}.

Got to put the top coat on my pedi.  I'm a bridesmaid tomorrow and the girls are hittin' the town tonight!


  1. Great design! Gorgeous colors! So fun for you guys :) J in Mesa

  2. Wow... these are just lovely. Such beauty. Have fun. Bobbie


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