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It's officially time to introduce the winner for our May giveaway.....

Entry #1 {Ms. Cupcake}

please contact us at meandjilly@gmail.com with in one week to claim your gifts
Thank you to all who entered, we adore you!
Now on to the next item of business.....

Remember the {burlap headboard} from last week?  Did you happen to notice the painted chevron wall behind it? Maybe you thought well, that's freakin' cool, and maybe you want to add this funky, geometric pattern somewhere in your home.  I know, I know, it's the latest trend but I just bought into it like a pair of ugg boots in Arizona.  My love affair with chevron started when I found this bureau from the girls at {twice lovely} .  I can't get enough of it.

When my friend G suggested we paint this pattern on a wall in the ninos room, I thought it was a spectacular idea.  I know there's a hundred ways to tackle this project but I'm a girl who doesn't want to spend any more time then necessary on one project cuz I've got a whole garage full of unfinished business.  One blog I found gave detailed directions on how to tape off the entire wall with blue tape, but after 6 hours of work her kids hadn't eaten all day and she had to medicate herself to muster up the strength to paint it.  No thank you.

My other worry was paint seeping out from under the tape and having to touch up for hours.  So during the brainstorm phase, the brilliant G suggested we use removable contact paper.  It seemed logical to me so I went straight to Wal-mart to purchase.

The next step was figuring out the pattern dimensions.  I wanted the overall pattern to be proportionate to my wall and I didn't want the V to be too deep, too short, or too long.  I'm going to take the guess work out of it for you because after playing around with it for 45 min, these measurements turned out perfect.

The contact paper has measurements on it so it's really easy to draw straight lines.  G and I cut out the pattern and then we placed it at the top of the wall with the points barely touching the ceiling.  

*note- we thought it would be kinda cool to do this step down a whole wall if you live in an apartment or rental property and want a non-permanent wall treatment. 

Then we drew pencil lines around the pattern, moved it down, traced it again and again until we got to the bottom of the wall (i know they're barely visible, but you get the picture).

We hand painted the outside of the lines with a foam brush.  Me and G have steady hands so it wasn't hard to stay in the lines, and the paint was very easy to control on the brush.  We filled in the center with a larger paint brush.

The two of us worked on my wall together for the better part of the day as we discussed topics ranging from our favorite ways to bake sweet potatoes to how Maria has put up with Arnolds antics for so long.

I hope I still love this wall when I'm 80.

I promise to show you more of the Ninos room in the near future.  It's coming along nicely.


  1. I was so excited to see my dresser looking at me this morning! Thanks for the mention, girls. :)

  2. The wall is beautiful!! THANK YOU for the chance to win! I am so happy! I have never won anything so I am over the moon! Especially with the beautiful runner!!! I added your button to my blog and will be thanking you loudly today!
    Thanks again Ladies!!
    Becky :)

  3. wow, thats crazy! i am skarred of stripes, but recently saw a tip from i heart organizing where they did their tape and painted the edges the base color let it dry then did the contrast color. she got perfect clean edges! but im still scared!

    nice job, thanks for sharing.

  4. Can I ask how large your wall is? (Just so I know what "proportionate" means to you.) I've been perusing DIY chevron walls and this one seems to be the most doable.

  5. Hi Leilani,
    My wall is about 8 x 10ft! good luck,


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