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This year for Mother's Day all I wanted to do was go camping.  Yep, I wanted to get away up to the cool pines surrounded by my family and close friends, who I love.  The only agenda was there was to be no agenda.  Bernice and I had been talking about taking our families camping for a long time and decided this would be the perfect weekend.  So my husband (of the year) planned the menu, shopped, packed the entire truck, and off we went.

We left Friday afternoon for the Ponderosa Campground just outside of Payson, AZ (highly recommend) and as soon as we got there we started talking about the food.   Have you ever sunk your teeth into Uncle Jake's dutch oven chicken?  If you haven't, I suggest you plan a camping trip this weekend.

Uncle Jake's Chicken

6 lg. bone in, leg quarters (remove skin)
1/2 lb bacon
3 lb. diced potatoes
1 lb sliced carrots
1 large, diced onion
1 can sprite
misc seasonings (ie. S&P, season salt, garlic powder)

Layer a dutch oven with bacon, onions, potatoes, carrots, and season well.  Place uncooked chicken on top and pour a can of sprite over the whole thing.  Season the chicken and place the lid on top.

Let it cook over piping hot coals or an open flame (med) for 45 min or until chicken is done. 

After dinner, the boys made dessert empanadas.  They're made with uncooked tortillas, your favorite fresh fruit filling, and white chocolate or butterscotch chips.  Roll it all up like a burrito and deep fry in hot oil, in the dutch oven until golden brown.  Sprinkle with powdered sugar and enjoy.  My favorite combo was white chocolate, strawberry and butterscotch, pear.  Delish!

Then we sat around the blazing fire and Vicki broke out her "personality book".  We took turns analyzing each other and dying laughing until we couldn't hold our eyes open any more. In case you're wondering, I'm a 3.

The next morning my man got up and made huevos rancheros for breakfast.  It just happens to be my all time favorite and the pleasant aromas lured me right out of our cozy tent.

 To make this tasty breakfast you simply layer a warm tortilla, homemade pinto beans, grilled potatoes (we use tater tots- just cook them in the dutch oven and break them all apart before serving), enchilada sauce, and a fried egg.  Then you top it all with fresh salsa, tomato, onion, lettuce, and cheese.  A little piece of heaven.

Taylor served Scott breakfast in bed, compliments of the elk poo found a couple of feet away from Vicki's cot. 

After breakfast, we loaded up the trucks and drove down the road 7 miles to the watering hole.  We parked right off the highway and hiked in about a mile in to the most beautiful natural springs and waterfalls where we played with the kids for hours. 

The outside temperature was a perfect 80 degrees.  Some of the kids were brave enough to get in the water, but it was freakin COLD! 

Back at the camp site, Bernice and Ashley made chicken salad sandwiches for lunch with all the goods and then we played games, chatted some more, and took down camp.  On the way back to Payson, we found the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store and HAD to take our chances. After all, I wouldn't know myself if we didn't.  As soon as we walked in, I found this sign sitting pretty by the front door and I knew it was going to be worth the stop.

....and worth the stop, it was.

I found these perfect little chairs with cane backs and upholstered seats for 7.50 each.  I bought the two captains chairs, which are going to look amazing when I give them a little make over and lovingly place them in my master bedroom.

And here we are with all of our new Mother's Day treasures.  Thank goodness you can't smell us.

All together we scored two arm chairs, a piano bench (I've been looking for one for 6 months), four lamp bases, four art prints, an old typewriter table, and a mirror. 

Our husbands were such troopers, loading it all up in the back of the truck, true Beverly Hillbilly style. They ought to be, they've been dealing with our antics for long enough. 

All and all it was a huge success and we all agreed, it MUST be our new Mother's Day tradition.  Thanks to my man for making it a most fabulous Mother's Day weekend.  I felt the love! 

If you want to join us for a little camping next year, call me!

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