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Me and Jilly gave ourselves a week long hiatus from blogging, in honor of spring break, but we're back....with a vengeance.

The last few days of our break, were spent up north in the cool pines of AZ. It was a great little get away, free from the distractions of home. A chance to unwind, play games, eat great food, and well, be lazy. First stop was my cousin's wedding in Taylor. She comes from a family of 12 and all of her siblings were there, which meant there was a lot of chatting and catching up to do. The next day we hooked up with Jilly's family and played at a cabin in Pinetop, riding horses and quads, eating junk food to our hearts content, and solving the world's problems until the wee hours of the morning.

Next stop on our road trip was Mommy's house in Snowflake. Jill's family of 5, my family of 3, Jill's sis Erica and her husband Brett, along with her 4 sweetest nieces were there, which made for one gigantic party. Daddy lit the wood burning stove, Mommy fired up the oven, and we sunk ourselves deep into utopia for the next 24 hours. After church and a big pan of homemade lasagna, we all headed back down the mountain, to reality.....

Now we're back at home with a lot of good memories, a lot of laundry, and a few thank you notes to send. I thought I would add a personal touch by creating the cards, and I thought maybe you could use them too.

{click on the image to download and print}

So thankful for a break, for my family, the mountains, extended family, for amazing friends.

They say it's supposed to rain tomorrow.....YIPPEE!

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