quite the pair

It's true, Jilly has an obsession for pairs of chairs. She found these little orphans on CL a few years ago and if you can believe it, she didn't have an extra inch of space for them.

Honestly, I didn't have the perfect place for them either but I thought they were so darling, I didn't care if they had to sleep in bed with me until I could find one.

Since then, they've been bounced around from the garage to the bathroom, to a bedroom. I finally got some inspiration when I found this handsome pale blue, linen-esque fabric for $6.99 a yard.

Please take note of the pastel, rainbow, oil cloth fabric someone lovingly chose for them in a previous relationship. I'm going to assume it was their biggest regret. YIKES!

After a few hours, a fresh coat of paint and some divots in my skin, here are my new babies. They'll go in the office niche right off my family room, where we just painted and added a totally awesome (yes, I just said totally awesome) new piece of furniture.
Pictures to come.

Loving everything about them. The gimp was purchased at SAS, my favorite place to pick up deals on fabric and trim. You can hardly tell in the pic but it's a blue-grey burlap texture. Yummy!

Chairs $30

Fabric $28

Gimp $2.50

grunt work: Free

total spent.... please excuse me while I find my calculator.....


and that my friends is a find.

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  1. LOVE them... That fabric looks so delicate and sophisticated but is so durable. B-E-A-utiful!

  2. These are such nice chairs! I especially think the trim is perfect. I need you guys to come over here and help me re-do the 4 pieces I have artists' block over. But enough about me - they are lovely, really.

  3. Love them! I think the blue is a great touch! Hopefully when I head out tomorrow I can find some goodies like these!

  4. These are FABULOUS... I love the shape of those chairs, they are incredible. Great work!

    Little Miss Penny Wenny

  5. Love, love, love your blog.
    Love that you can cook. Love that you can sew. Love that you are full-on resourceful. Love that you can make anything beautiful. Love that you can re-upholster probably anything at Goodwill. Love your style and fashion sense.

    Completely inspired by you two fabulous ladies. Thanks for sharing your amazing creativity. :)

  6. Hi girls,
    I LOVE these chairs. I have a chair of my own that I started and am hoping to finish this week...just became a follower...please visit my new blog...trying to build a following...
    happy weekend and thanks for sharing,

  7. Sooo pretty! Is it hard to recover chairs?
    Have some wingbacks that I was going to slip but they have similar wooden arms and I think I just need to figure out how to recover them.

    Yours are beautiful!


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