march winner and some junk

It's the big day when we get to announce the winner of our March Giveaway!!

Thank you {Karen Doane} for your ridiculous talent, and thank YOU for an awesome response and some really sweet comments.

the winner is......

#74 Ann Marie of Twice Lovely!
check out her and Cara's adorable blog and awesome projects {here}
These girls have some TALENT!

Don't forget, Karen has an open house the first Friday of every month so you can have your very own custom piece of vintage jewelry too. Isn't it incredible?

on a different note...

It had been a while since Jilly and I spent a good solid day Junkin'.

The weather in AZ is absolute perfection this time of year and we each had 20 bucks burnin' a hole in our pockets (well at least that's what we told our husbands). So we called up our friend, G, who is always ready for a party and set out for another adventure.

We started at the "Mother Ship" Home Fabrics on Cactus and the 51 where I found two fabrics to start a bedroom upstairs for $3 a yard. Cha-Ching!

I had a little left over fabric from a client I thought I could work into shams and then I added the two new fabrics I'll make into a duvet and window treatments.

We headed up the road to an Antique Mall where we hit places like Everything Goes and Not Too Shabby. I scored this set of 24, colorful dishes for $20. They reminded me of some I saw at Anthro a few days ago but they were $14 a piece. A great find! The piece of coral was $12.
Jilly bought a vintage frame for her entry and G scored a little end table for 15 bucks.

There were amazing things as far as the eye could see. Check out this crazy gold, cherub mirror I insisted Jilly snap a picture of. Have you ever seen the likes!

We all found treasures that would have made our grannies proud, and then asked our new friend, Nancy, (who happens to own Everything Goes) where a couple of hungry girls might enjoy eating in the neighborhood. She couldn't say enough good things about the Market Bistro down the street. Done.

please excuse the crappy cell phone pics

Me and Jilly shared a twist on the traditional cobb salad which included fresh lettuce, chopped egg, roasted potatoes, sun dried tomatoes, bacon, and black mustard seed ranch. YUMMO!
We also shared the daily special: a grilled chicken sandwich on fresh bread, loaded with whole green chilies, smothered in rich BBQ sauce.

As if that wasn't enough, we each had a slice of their signature pesto pizza with pine nuts, diced tomato, chicken, mozzarella, parmesan and goat cheese topped with argula. Needless to say, we enjoyed the place. Way too full for dessert which only gave us a good reason to go back!

Then off to SAS to grab some more fabric and trim to finish off {my little chair make over} and then every Salvation Army, Savers, Good Will, or Gracie's Thrift we found the whole way home.
I nabbed this small scaled night stand for $30 at Gracie's and got a little bonus thrown in for free, 300 zoo animal stickers all over the front and sides. Aren't children just cute?

If I was going for mother of the year I might have left them on, but I've decided to give someone else a chance. Thank the heavens for Goo Gone. Love this stuff!

By the end of the day my treasures included a bright turquoise decorative bowl, a pair of shorts, a little pair of antlers, a hoard of fabric, 15 yards of trim, a stack of plates, a piece of coral, a night stand, a little silver clock, and a very full tummy.

Here are a list of some places we enjoyed on our day out.

{Home Fabrics}


{Everything Goes}

{Not too Shabby}

{Market Bistro}

{Gracie's Thrift}


  1. #1 - Oh my heck!! I can't believe I won! Thanks so much!

    #2 - Love all the fabrics for your room makeover, especially the turquoise background cheetah print. Rawr! I have a project coming up that may or may not involve a bright orange zebra print fabric. ;)

    #3 - When can I come thrifting with you guys? Looks like you had so much fun and came away with some GREAT finds! I love the plates! Just fab.

    #4 - Working on a dresser today that has the world's most difficult to remove radio station bumper sticker on one of the door fronts. Goo gone isn't even cutting it. I don't care how much you like 103.9 Arizona's Party Station, don't put their sticker on your furniture. :)

    You guys rock my world! Thanks for your awesomeness.

  2. Every visit to your little corner of the blogosphere leaves me utterly inspired, fascinated or just plain happy. You ladies are a truly fabulous bunch. Can't wait to see what you do with all these found treasures.


    Twitter - @ishrattrishna

  3. Good Find G spot. Not to shabby. uh I mean shAAAUBy.


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