ruffled lamp shade

I think it was just last year that we promised this tutorial. Oooopsie! We finally pulled it together to bring you this ruffled lamp shade.

Step #1
Cut fabric about 1" wide. Using your sewing machine, tuck the leading edge under about one inch and sew a straight line down the center.
Jilly used the front of her sewing machine as a guide.

Here's what it looks like when it's all ruffled up. You can do several yards at a time. Cut it about 2.5 times longer then desired finished length.

Step #2
Starting at the seam on the bottom of the shade, glue the ruffles all around the base and cut it off where the ends meet.

Step #3
Start the next row on the seam and glue all the way around the shade until the trim meets up again.

Step #4
Glue layers all the way around until you get to the top of the shade. It's that easy!
Me and Jilly would love to see what you ruffle up. Send pictures of your creations to


  1. So she measured the pleats by using her sewing machine as a distance guide? I have done this with paper and had a hard time keeping them equidistant. You gals rock, keep up the good work!

  2. I swear I just got that exact same lamp base at Goodwill over the weekend - I LOVE it. (When I find my camera cord to upload photos, I'll show you.) What a great looking finished lamp!

  3. you guys are great! can't believe you remembered me and cared enough to let me know you posted this. i'm going home to try it this weekend! don't hesitate to stop by and say hi!


  4. hiya , i am so glad o found your blog via , intage revivals linky , your projects and tutorials are fab , oh and apologies for messing with your followers numbers ! i am follower 334 i heart numbers and 333 is soooo cute x lol tfs

  5. Too cute! I linked this to my ruffles post as well - just had to share!

  6. Oh my...this is such a charming look. Would love to have you share it at my party today.


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