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Hey everyone, Mia and I have been creating custom name/address plaques for over five years for very some special people. We love Stephanie Nielson and her sweet family, so we made this one for them and shipped it off to Utah just in time for Christmas.

All of our plaques are one of a kind, completely hand painted, glazed with an antique medium, and finished off with a protective sealant. We think they are perfectly suited to hang outside your front door, to welcome all who visit with a friendly hello. We love to include such things as your last name, your address, a piece of vintage jewelry, and a quote about home or family that perfectly reflects you and your loved ones.

Pricing starts at $150 for a 16 x 20 and goes up to $350 depending on frame size and wording.
Each frame is one of a kind.

We would love to design the plaque of your dreams, so contact us at meandjilly@gmail.com and we can get down to the nitty gritty!

We promise to exceed your expectations and make your front porch the happiest
place on the block.
love, us.


  1. Just found you from NieNie. This plaque is fantastic.

  2. Strolling over from NieNie's blog...beautiful plaque!

  3. Love!!!! Also here from NieNie's blog. Do you have photos of frames to choose from?

  4. I am interested in your name plaque too, how can I find more information?

  5. I would also love to see the frames you offer; any way I could see a photo of them? I can already see it on my entry wall!

  6. Just found u thru FFF FB post! Beautiful beautiful! Wish I could buy one! A bright teal would be perfect on my black front door! Glad I found u!

    MomTog Diaries

  7. I just found you guys and I love your blog. Way to go. I need the key lime cupcakes. They sound divine. I want more info on your name plaques as well.

  8. Hi Girls! So I'm officially addicted to your blog...I can't wait to see what fabulous creations you are making, it helps me get motivated to tackle some of my own! Thanks for sharing! Love you both! ~Cindy


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