it's tea time

Let's say you need a break from your holiday shopping becuase you didn't get it done in October and now you're desperately searching the department stores, looking for the
perfect socks for uncle Lester (yes, I have one:)

Not the most relaxing activity, but here's one that is....
I've recently discovered TAZO Herbal Infusions and I love it so much I must tell you about it.

Just the idea of getting out a pretty cup and saucer excites me, but that's just the beginning.
This tea comes in 9 tantalizing flavors like Wild Sweet Orange, Passion, and Sweet Cinnamon Spice and they're all to die for.

Every night as I'm winding down I sit in my favorite chair, sip a cup of tea, and ponder life's great mysteries. How did I ever make it 35 years with out this???

When Jilly found this set of 6 tea cups at a local thrift shop she tried to justify keeping them, but she knew how much I would love them, so she gifted them to me as an early birthday present. That's my girl.
She didn't tell me how much she paid for them, that would be un Martha Stewart like, but I can promise you she got a killer deal and 20% off that.
This morning I got out my new cups and served white, hot chocolate with fresh whipped cream, over easy eggs, sourdough toast, and bacon for breakfast. If there's anyone who loves a cup of good chocolate, it's my boy Brody.

I'm sure it's going to be a good day.
PS. you can find this tea at fancy places like Target and Walmart. I like to sweeten it with Blue Agave Nectar for a completely organic experience.
Love, mia


  1. Love the cups and have been a fan of the tea for a while now!

  2. What is your very favorite flavor? Also, can I have the recipe for white hot chocolate?

  3. my favorite thing to do here too!!! On a cold rainy day, there is nothing better than Passion or the orange one. Love 'em. We have adorable tea cups too (gifted from our dear friend Courtney for my birthday a couple years back). Great pics--I think I will go make myself a cup right now!

  4. KJ, here's hte reicpe. It's not for the faint of heart.

    1 cup white chocolate chips
    1 cup heavy cream
    4 cups half-and-half
    1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    fresh whipped cream, for garnish

    In a medium saucepan over medium heat, combine white chocolate chips and heavy cream. Stir continuously until white chocolate chips have completely melted. Stir in the half-and-half, and vanilla extract. Stir occasionally until heated through. Pour into mugs and top with a dollop of vanilla whipped cream and garnish with mint leaf (if you want to be fancy).

    please enjoy!

  5. oh, and my favorite flavor of tea....definately passion.

  6. Not for the faint of heart? If you can't get into that recipe than...I don't know what to tell you!

  7. what I meant is that this cocoa is not going to fly with weight watchers!


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